Investigation into effect of plant hormones on growth?

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  1. Afternoon all,

    This is (OCR) PAG 11.4 - does anyone know what students will actually be doing (the information given is very vague)?

    Equipment for this is the following:

    - Small seedlings & corn coleoptiles (I bought Sweetcorn, not Maize)
    - Bench lamp
    - IAA/Gibberellin
    - Agar cubes
    - Potting compost
    - Scalpels

    I know about plant hormones but I am having trouble visualize what they are doing.

    Many thanks :)
  2. at a guess cutting the seedlings in half and inserting agar cubes with and without IAA/Gibberellin and looking at the tropic responses.

    Good luck with that.

    is this GCSE or A-Level.
  3. A level
  4. it suggests

  5. I think the whole point is that the students devise their own experiment - you just provide the equipment!

    We've managed to avoid doing this one - hooray! :D
  6. Yep, but it also helps to have some ideas for the teacher too!
  7. They should have done their research of what is expected from the pupils but it won't affect what you put out for them.
  8. Trialled this without success! Very small agar cubes soaked in IAA/Gibberellin, balanced on top of cut corn coleoptiles - great fun though!