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  1. Ah but which is the correct way.

    that should be the ultimate question - under or over?
  2. I really don't like our interview questions, they are so basic. One person turned down job as he said we wern't 'formal & professional' enough Hehe.
    We also get candidates to carry out small practical task and show them around & have a cuppa with them in the science staff room when everyone in & out at breaktime, so they can all give input.
    They have to pass the 'washing up test' though. Do they just leave their cup , take it to the sink or go to the sink & wash it up.
    Apparently, part of the reason I got this job many moons ago, was I not only washed up my cup but gathered some others up & washed them! :) It wasn't intentional to impress, just used to being a Mum!
    Also I had stinking cold & asked if ok to open a window to sit near so everyone else didn't catch it. Common decency I thought, but they were very impressed LOL.
    Also they all laughed when in the interview I was asked why I had applied for the job I said 'God knows, it looks crazy!' :p:D
  3. Over. Obviously. The other way....well....there lies chaos o_Oo_Oo_O
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  4. The original patent has a diagram, the paper goes over the top and hangs down.
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  5. My son alwasy does it under on purpose to hear me shout! :D
  6. oops, Always...see? Just the thought of 'under' puts my head in a spin.
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  7. You're lucky, my sons, and daughters, and husband don't even know how the damn thing works!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Over, obviously!
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  9. LOL, I knew someone would say that! We have one of those stands. They only have to slip it on so no effort required.
  10. I always put a spare roll out when I notice it running low but my son just starts that, doesn't bother putting it on the holder
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  11. If husband * doesn't learn soon, I'm going to make him use the garden, (no make that next door's garden)

    *kids all left home, well I barred them, for forgetting to replace loo roll
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  12. I once went out with this single Dad who came back from the loo looking astounded & said " did you change the loo roll?", when I said yes, he hugged me & said, "no one has done that except me in this house for about 20 years!"!:D:D
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  13. Also depends whether they were carrying coconuts. Would affect the air speed velocity :p
  14. Over - it's right there in the patent document!
  15. I apologise to KerryLoz for hijacking the thread.

    In tech interviews here the senior tech shows the candidate around the science building and there is also a tea break in the science staff room. This gives people a chance to interact on a slightly more casual/relaxed basis and find out a little more about them
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  16. Takes me back there Alan - used to be Chair of govs for 10+ years (small primary) & the interview panel was usually Head, deputy, me. Took me YEARS to fully convince them that the actual answers the candidates gave didn't really matter - what we needed to find out was how well we thought they'd fit into the existing team

    Sooooo - the biscuit question is ideal - & if they choose anything other than Hobnob's be suspicious, verrrrry suspicious :)
  17. Well i'd be right out! It'd have to be chocolate digestive, hobnob, millionaires then apple.

    But if the apple was granny smith it might move above the shortbread.
  18. I suppose the most constructive question i was asked..."describe COSHH". I was the only candidate to do so in detail and got the job. All other questions posed to me have either been generic or obscure/humorous which are easy enough to fabric the kind of answers that tick the box. ;)
  19. Good man :D

    That it does :D

    But I want a custard cream!

    At least you are not challenging them to a tea duel!
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