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  1. Hi everyone,

    Our y8 have come to the end of their learning 10 lessons early! I have been asked if i have any ideas for a project that could last 10 lessons to see them through. Any one have any ideas?

  2. Ask their teacher, assistant head of dept or head of department. They might know.
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  3. Hi, I am aware its not my job, I was just asked for my opinion that's all and I like to be involved with projects. Thought the hive mind here might have some good ideas.
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  4. It's nice for Teaching staff to ask the opinion of Technicians and get them involved Kerry. How about building a robot that can be controlled by brain waves? We have just invested in 5 GoCalm headsets (, which measure (using EEG neuro-feedback technology), and help to improve focus and calm. :);)
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  5. Could be too much planning on the teachers behalf lesson wise for this but a ten lesson game of cluedo could be fun! For example the first lesson the culprit could leave behind a pen (chromatography), second lesson they leave a puddle of an unknown liquid (ph testing), third they could have disappeared in a coloured flame and puff of smoke (flame testing) etc. - obviously the teacher could make a lesson to educate or go over these topics again with the science behind them to make sure that they last a whole lesson long too!
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  6. A nice suggestion CharlTech but I feel that this couldn't stretch to 10 lessons. I think that it could be completed in an hour.:);)
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  8. Julie Delaney

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    I just love your dry wit Blackadder, you make me chuckle. :D:D:D:D
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    Ours are doing a space project with the classes divided into 6 groups of 5 students.They are given an aspect of Planets ,the moon,stars,earth,milky way and the universe,solar system.they then have to make a class presentation with a fact sheet or 3D model this will take them up to the end of term.
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  11. Why not just get them to start the year 9 syllabus. I'm sure they could find 1 topic which would take 10 lessons, and you'd be in front for next year. I'd also suggest identifying any practical skills they would need for KS4 and practising those, weighing by difference, titrating, reading scales and graphs etc.etc. and other tasks like writing in full sentences, bringing pens, pencils and a calculator to class. The list is almost endless.
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  12. How do you pump the air into it? I'd be interested as to the exact set up please?
    bicarb/citric acid and jam bung in?
  13. Ours are doing spinners, they have to design a spinner, trial it and try to improve it. They are going to try and stretch it out as far as possible buy suggesting different improvements each lesson such as weight, wig span, spinner material and a change of design. Bit boring but they actually enjoy it...
  14. Rubber band racers (Pringle tubes), parachutes, paper aeroplanes (furthest, longest in the air, stunts), skyscraper task (spaghetti, paper but limit number of sheets, blu tac and minimal sellotape (I've used 30 cms length max) bouncy balls
  15. just use a car foot pump or a stand up bicycle pump around the syringe in the bung.

    upload_2019-6-13_12-24-14.png upload_2019-6-13_12-24-38.png

    only air and h20 are needed, they will go 2-3 floors high if you use a 2L coke bottle.
  16. Have you ever met year 8 students George?
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  17. I have actually Helen. Usually the ones who apply to do Work Experience with me from Schools are Year 10 and they are here for a week. year 8 students from local schools come in for Tasters, and I have to say the questions they ask are very impressive. A couple of years ago a year 10 student amplified and analysed and characterised the Short Tandem Repeats (STR's) of the TH01 loci of Chromosome 11. The 3 students who completed their Work Experience with me yesterday were BTEC Applied Science students. In the last 4 years I've done approximately 130 supervisions and I'd recommend others to do the same:);)
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  18. Well that told me.......although it didn't really answer my Q :confused::confused:

    (approximately supervisions???????????)
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  19. You didn't comment on my misspelling (it's the keyboard really) of chromosome (chroosome). I think that you may be slipping or your paying more attention to Jburns @Jburns and his obliteration of the English Language.:D:D
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