I'd make a meat pun, but I'd probably butcher it

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  1. This happened just now and thought you like it.
    I get very anxious making phone calls. So I was on edge about to talk to our future supplier (eeep).

    Guy: Hello, X Butchers!
    Me: Hi this is Cherie from (School), would it be possible to place an order for 10 hearts?
    Guy: No.
    Me: Sorry?
    Guy: My Partner is in tomorrow. *hangs up*
    *cue laughter*
    I guess I'll go see them in person tomorrow then! :D

    Anyone else got any funny stories?
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  2. Dod


    Being demonstrated our new piece of high tech equipment, we were shown the instruction manual about 2 inches/50 mm thick Our instructor did explain that there was a teachers quickstart guide for making things easier to get up to speed. Up pipes one teacher "have you not made an idiots guide" - I answered "T*m you havent been paying attention, the man just said they have produced a teachers guide" cue thumbs up and giggles nearly all round.
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