I'd make a meat pun, but I'd probably butcher it

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  1. This happened just now and thought you like it.
    I get very anxious making phone calls. So I was on edge about to talk to our future supplier (eeep).

    Guy: Hello, X Butchers!
    Me: Hi this is Cherie from (School), would it be possible to place an order for 10 hearts?
    Guy: No.
    Me: Sorry?
    Guy: My Partner is in tomorrow. *hangs up*
    *cue laughter*
    I guess I'll go see them in person tomorrow then! :D

    Anyone else got any funny stories?
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  2. Dod


    Being demonstrated our new piece of high tech equipment, we were shown the instruction manual about 2 inches/50 mm thick Our instructor did explain that there was a teachers quickstart guide for making things easier to get up to speed. Up pipes one teacher "have you not made an idiots guide" - I answered "T*m you havent been paying attention, the man just said they have produced a teachers guide" cue thumbs up and giggles nearly all round.
  3. I never got back to following up this story so I though since I had a minute I'd do it now.

    I went to see the owner and ordered some hearts and told them when the HOD would be coming down to pick them up.
    The HOD missed the date and sure enough they phoned up the school asking if we wanted them cut up or not??? :eek: Reception got the HOD to phone them back as they had no idea what was going on and sure enough when he called back he was promptly hung up by the same guy I had to deal with.

    He went down to the butchers and had to deal with the same guy who said he didn't know anything about the order and told him to get out. HOD texted me rather frustrated and asked nicely if I could go down and sort it out. (It's not a far walk for me so I didn't mind)

    I go into the butchers and talked to the owner, he asked (guy who hung up on me and HOD) if anyone else came in and he denied that he served anyone. I got the hearts and got out of there. :eek: What a farce.

    Kids really loved the heart demo though.
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  4. I applied for and got the tax rebate. Although I don't have a uniform, I do take my labcoat home to wash, as well as the tea towels and board cloths each half term.
  5. random! Shall we put it down to hormones or did I miss the punchline? ;)
  6. Haha, apparently my PC went crazy and posted that here, which was supposed to be in the staff uniform thread. How strange!
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