I need rainwater for my coconut palm!

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    Hi Folks, I bought a coconut palm at the weekend and it needs to be misted with rainwater, any suggestions as we don't have a still or deionising system here and I want to give it the best chance of survival and our water is quite hard in this area?
    Thanks as always. :D
  2. What no Still or Deioniser Julie? How on earth do you manage with, say, silver nitrate titrations?:)
  3. You can buy deionised water from Tesco's 5l for £1.10 if that is any help
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  4. I was with you George until I read the word titration after silver nitrate :eek:
  5. NTG


    Nor here for either George...….amongst a host of equipment many would consider 'essential'...…..
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    We only titrate HCL against NaOH George - the RP for KS4 is as technical as it gets here. In my former life in a crisp factory we used to carry out salt determinations using a silver nitrate titration, but that was many moons ago.
  7. This might sound flippant, but how about putting a bucket outside and maybe build up a stock for the dry weather (if we ever get any).
  8. Some of the best ideas, like your,are simple ones Chris.:D
    Here's some ideas to make up your own synthetic Rainwater Julie. I'd hate it if your Coconut Palm bites the dust.:)

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  9. I have orchids at home, and use cheap bottled water without any problems.
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    I will do, however, it's not rained here since I got it on Sunday. And I am a kind of I want it all and I want it now person.:D
  11. Lucky you, it started raining heavily just as I left work around 4pm yesterday and didn't stop until about 11am this morning. Walking the dog was lovely when it was pouring down at 6:30am this morning! :eek:
  12. Personally, I think plants aren't as fussy as some sellers would have us believe. I think it creates an air of mystique and exoticism if the plants have 'special particular needs.'
    "Hey plant. Tap water? Or no water?"
    "Um.. tap water please?"

    It's a plant's job to stay alive and they work pretty hard at it. Mind you, my mum was a professional gardener for decades and remains the only person I know who couldn't keep a spider-plant alive.
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    it's just for misting the fronds, I don't want hard water deposits on them. It can drink good old tap water!!:D:D
  14. Ah, gotcha, lol.

    Mind you, hard water deposits will allow you the chance to give your plant a wipe every time, maybe a nice little chat... :p:D
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    That's a great help thanks Irene.:D I will send my man as pops in to buy his work lunch every day.:D:D
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    PMSL! :D:DI would get a better conversation out it than some of our kids.
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  17. it raining :p
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    it's lovely here!:p:p:p
  19. If the plant requires rainwater then de-ionized water will do it no good either as it lacks the ions and trace elements that natural rainwater does.

    Most of the time, when a plant requires rainwater it is because the chlorine in tap water would kill them, so perhaps the cheapest way to deal with this is make dechlorinated water which is easy as anything! :)

    1 - boil the water for 20 minutes then allow to cool before spraying (presumably this will be the easiest because even the poorest schools have bunsens and beakers)
    2 - leave the water outside for 24hrs because the uv from the sun will remove the chlorine (and you also might get some real rainwater from it lol)
    3 - about 40mg per gallon of vitamin C will do the job (but might affect pH)
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  20. The only ones I've found to actually care are carnivorous plants, these actually get root burn and die from the tap water in my area. They're very specifically adapted. :(

    Re. the original question, you can buy bottles of deionised water from garages though it is expensive for what it is.
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