Humorous run-ins with school internet censors

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  1. My favourite was being blocked from the Wikipedia entry on sheep !

    Apparently due to occult references. Eventually I persuaded the IT team to make the sacrifice and allow me access.

    Oh and my first post so "Hello"
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  2. Dod


    Hello and welcome, somehow I think your occult habits will not be much interest to most of us ;)
  3. One I was surprised didn't get blocked, was when myself and a teacher were trying to identify some hybrid animals in a genetics lesson. "African ass" had us pissing ourselves laughing in front of the kids, who luckily couldn't see the pc screen.
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  4. Shannon

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    Sorry about that! haha
  5. History teacher was having a rant yesterday about how impossible it is for him to teach anything to do with war without getting accused of weapons research by the net nanny. Meanwhile, as we are a 'posh school' we have a few kids who do shooting for a sport option who wander into school in the mornings with an actual gun over their shoulder :eek:
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  6. Techitude

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    we have BGfL filter here (birmingham grid for learning) which i'm guessing isnt as sensitive as some on here as it really only blocks social media type pages. The internal school system does log all instances of certain words and sends them in a list to one of the assistant head teachers who has to check them.
    At a previous school we all spent a good few minutes google searching and laughing at images from a tv program that had been on called "ten tonne test*cles". I bet that flagged up on someones screen at the time!
  7. I fell foul of the censors this morning when emailing the site team to tell them that the gas stopc0ck was stuck in one of the labs :confused:
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  8. At my last school a yr7 student got a shock when he was doing research on the Japanese during the second world war no 1 of the school library computers. He put into google 'Japanese Midget Submarines', sir vies to say what he got was definatly not Japanese midget submarines and more XXXX rated.
    Think the poor student was scared for life.
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  9. Dod


    I did once missed having a run in with the censoring software when I searched for old earthmovers. Let me just say the pictures were of ladies and gents a of more genteel age and it was not immediately obvious who was doing what to whom but pointed the IT team to the URL in case of future indiscretions.
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  10. I told the teacher to look up upload_2019-12-10_16-50-11.png this year, not getting done twice.

    (you need to look for "skeletal upload_2019-12-10_16-50-23.png if you don't want bodybuilders)
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  11. I once tried to search for some kind of consultancy (can't remember what kind). I typed the 5th and 6th letters of "consultancy" round the wrong way ... the rude word filter picked up on it and let me know promptly!
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  12. I can now no longer read this thread on the school system. Not sure what set it off - the subs perhaps?
  13. Ironically, our net nanny has blocked me from page 2 of this topic with a pornography warning!
  14. FYI
    I now cannot read the second page of this thread, I get a pornographic material warning.
    which means I cannot seven see this post once its up.
    Got to love the internet censor gods
  15. I have removed the offending words. :eek::oops::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  16. oh well, looks like that's the end of me reading the posts in this thread, still cannot get past the first page now.
    why do people have to use naughty words?;)
  17. Oh the irony :D:p:rolleyes:
  18. Wondering if it's the one about african animals of a certain anatomical similarity rather than the body builder references doing it?
  19. Hello from NI @BioBee C2K = fun vacuum
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  20. I get blocked from anything to do with pintrest...