Humorous run-ins with school internet censors

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  1. Does anyone else run into amusing censor flags during their travels on the internet?:rolleyes:

    In Northern Ireland we have C2K but I don't know what the equivalent is on the mainland.

    I noticed today there are topics on the forum here like 'Astable Multivibrat*r' and 'Hello from Ess3x' which I can't access due to containing 'adult content'! :eek::oops:

    Not only on here but one day I was researching for a pond dip diagram and kept getting blocked for typing 'Dragonfly Ny*ph' haha.

    Sorry for the "£%*3^6" but if I type them out fully then it might block me from viewing my own topic! :p :D
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  2. There's a certain planet in our solar system that can bring unwarranted attention..
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  3. I blame those flat Earth believers
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  4. karen b

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    There are a few topics on here that I can't see. One of the most recent ones was a Forensic science topic. I suspect it was the mention of blood!

    Years ago I was working at a central physics research facility and was talking to someone from Sussex university. He'd got into trouble there trying to remotely access his e-mail account
  5. I still have a long running problem with potassium perm&&&?anate because it contains the name of a well know Japanese cartoon style. o_O
  6. prepAdmin

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    We had a new poster once from Sc*unthorpe which created a few problems for a lot of users! :rolleyes:
  7. Not a work one, but years ago we got our first PVR to record TV programmes at home. A week later I turn it on, to see if my gardening prog was on there and found Emmanuelle listed! Turns out, my other half had set it to record Jane Austen's Emma, which it had, but it then went on to record anything with 'Emma' in the title... His face was an absolute picture when I asked him about ito_O
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  8. Dod


    Had all sorts of problems getting marking knifes for the Techy Dept.
  9. Latest one for me was LEDs for a hydroponic setup - drug references - had to do a bit of explaining to IT that we are growing broad beans!
  10. Funnily enough when I was searching for that the censors let me go on ebay which it normally blocks even though most of the sellers on ebay have pictures of a certain drug related plant being grown haha :rolleyes:
  11. Funny what does get blocked and then what gets through.
    I was googling golden or yellow rain for the reaction between lead nitrate and potassium iodide - was trying to see what concentrations i needed to get it to work.
    In my niaivity I had no idea what it was slang for! My search came up with some interesting sites :eek:
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  12. The multivibrat*r (censored for your viewing comfort) is pretty boring - it's just some fl*shing leds that weren't. Bit of solder in the wrong place. Feel sorry for our colleague in Ess*x - do we have any from Sc*nthorpe?

    Can't visit our RSA's website at the moment due to our IT blocking it.
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  13. Years ago when I was IT myself we were just beginning to use filtering software and there was a beautiful photo of a cute Cotswold cottage that always got blocked because it had too many skin tones in it so got flagged as nudity. On the other hand some of the stuff that the kids managed to find that got through was .... well let just say it was an education!
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  14. I knew of one teacher in history who should have had certain prince albert pictures blocked, but didn't- had to move quickly on....
  15. Where I used to work there was an email blocked from my manager to a customer as it had a*al in it...
    The customer complained he couldn't read it, so my manager resent... and so this went on... until my manager realised instead of analysis... he had accidentally placed a space between the l and the y...
    Same manager asked me to look for a shower head as the one he had at home had bust... he said I may have more luck as his search results were similar to the sites found by @Lisa J

    Here at school I've had sites for aromatherapy oils blocked when we were making scented candles...
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  16. Rather than a filter, we have a system where inappropriate accesses go to a human censor to double check, generating a rather large daily list.

    Suffice to say they took me off the system after about a week of work related searches...
  17. At my last school my initials were A C R. When typed together by anyone in the school, it created a log. Some kind of weapon... It did mean that the IT guys never checked my reports.
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    Laughing my head off at that one :D:D:D:D:D
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  19. JFKtech

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    My filter won't let me look at the current thread about Bunsen burners (started by Shannon in 'general discussion' - I'm not going to post the whole thread title in case it blocks me from this thread too !)
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  20. Is that because its moons are all named after characters from a midsummers night dream?

    I do most of my searching on my tablet and that seems to not get stopped by the schools system. But for those who do have issues with the school filters, ask your IT department for the browser Opera, it has a built in VPN that by passes the schools filters ;D