How to keep elodea

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  1. Hi All,

    I have recently purchased some oxygenating plants for the photosynthesis practical. Are there any specific environments to keep them alive for further practicals. I am at the moment keeping them in an oxygenating tank with water snails....but they don't look particularly healthy. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

  2. lots of light would be my suggestion - the ones I have in a tank on the window sill seem to have rooted and still going well, had them since November
  3. I have put them by the window. Would too much nitrates affect the plant? as I have snails and haven't had a chance to clean the tank out yet.
  4. You will probably need to give them additional light at this time of year if keeping on a window sill- 2400 lumen LED lamp on a timer to give additional light in the morning and at night. Mine are in a fish tank on the window sill and are looking a bit 'leggy' due to the short days. A few drops of 'baby bio' 'doesn't go amiss
  5. Thanks, I might try that then.
  6. I put a couple of tanks of distilled water in the window and added the bunches of elodea that i'd bought from an aquarium supplier. It took a long time to actually start growing but once it got going it grew really well. It seemed to grow best over the summer holiday - obviously because of more sun but also probably because I wasn't disturbing it every day. I thought of getting an air block for the tanks but it doesn't seem necessary. I just top up the water occasionally. I stuck the daphnia in there too and they seem happy - had them for a good few months now.
  7. I had one snail in, but poss too many may eat new growth.
  8. Sorry to jump on this for advice also but what are the snails for?

    I have a tank of it which is just water (half tap, half rainwater from our butt) and just have the plants in it with a aerator. Is there anything else I can do to help longevity?
  9. I keep cabomba in the community fish tank, grows beautifully.
    It's a heavily planted tropical tank with a male betta, six purple harlequin rasbora, four pygmy corydoras catfish and some cherry shrimp.
    Good small-scale example of an ecosystem for when we're doing ecology too.
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  10. So pleased to see this topic - I'm putting a 'plant tank' together here :)

    The snails will eat algae and do the 'farming for you'. Been advised to add some shrimp too in the future.

    I've a 60litre tank in preparation for plants and fish (minnows) this week. Been told to add a snail.

    One of our teachers has elodea in his pond so will bring some in once tank established.

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