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    If you are starting a new thread or replying to an existing post, it's very easy to upload an image. Simply click the "Upload a File" tab under the message box and select the file from your PC or device. You can select whether to display the image as a small thumbnail or full size.

    An alternative method is below...

    You can embed an image or photo into any post or private message by clicking the image icon in the posting box (the little picture of mountains) and adding the URL of the image location.



    If you would like to upload your own image from your PC or device, go to select your file to upload, resize it to 640x480 (for message boards) if it is a particularly large image or if it's a small image, select "do not resize my image" and click "Upload It".


    Then scroll down and copy the direct link URL. Paste the link into the Image box on as above and it will embed the image into your post.

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  2. sadly is filtered out as potential porn on our system. Is there any other way of uploading pictures? Is there a file size limit when uploading direct from your pc?
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    If you click the "upload a file" button at the bottom of each post, you can upload an image from your PC in this way. There may well be a filesize limit but it must be big as the board has never declined an image.
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  4. it said the files were too big so I resized, now it just says error.
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    What filetype is the image? Make sure it has the file extension at the end of the image name, ie, test.jpg

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