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    I recognise that George & Becker label - I'm sure that's where my Oil of Cloves was from. Very similar bottle to the KI one too.

    Still, 1948! Wow... :eek:
  2. We have one of those too!
  3. Fantastic! :D
  4. I can't understand moving everything with you into a new building. In my last job I was responsible for packing up two old science departments when we moved to a new building. I did take a lot of stuff, but when I asked what was going to happen to anything I left behind I was told that the development company would 'deal with it'. Seemed like the perfect opportunity to get rid of a lot of old chemicals (and not have the financial responsibility), so anything that hadn't been touched for years, looked like it had degraded or leaked in some way, got left behind. I would never have fit all of the stuff that had accumulated over the years into the new prep room anyway.
    The old style bottles and stoppers look far nicer than all the plastic that everything comes in now.
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    I'm like that with any books I find
  6. 3 1/2p or 3 1/2d?!
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    Oops, would have been d, not used to old terms!
  8. I have a brown bottle of anhydrous ferrous sulphate with a wooden stopper and original handwritten label. No date on it, amazingly still anhydrous! The oldest one with a date was some alizarin dated 1970.
  9. wonderful stuff for getting chewing gum off clothes when I was at school!
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  10. We had a good clear out of our stores last year so a lot of very old stuff that had gone off or was no longer used got disposed of then. Even so, we still have a few old Griffin & George bottles from 1958 and 59 that made the cut because the contents still work well and we have too much of it to justify disposing of it and replacing it with new. Obviously one of our predecessors was a bit overzealous and bought enough in bulk to keep the college going for 60 years!
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  11. I feel left out. Heh. Oldest things I've found are 3 beautiful crookes radiometers, covered in dust, packed in polised and in prep. Or possibly the 3 old "round screen" CRT Oscilloscopes I found in a cupboard, which smelled to high heaven and took an age to warm up but still run fine..and look damn cool, even if I do say so myself. And I have an AVO meter, MK6 if I recall.

    I do like old kit. Shame I never saw the old stuff, from the old building...that dated from '73...would have been some gems in there..

    EDIT: Nope, it's a Model 8, MKIV. Gorgeous bit of kit.
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  12. Got a couple of brass magnetic dip compassess too...
  13. We've got some lovely old stuff in display cabinets, including a (Kelvin designed) quadrant electrometer - gorgeous brass, delicate components inside dedicated glassware (with a faraday cage on top). Absolutely lovely to look at......but you can do the same job today electronically at a fraction of the price that this would have cost to make. In some ways we've lost so much - but gained a far greater amount too
  14. One nice old thing we have got here is a set of iron nail samples to demonstrate rusting. They were originally set up in the 1920s and have not been tampered with since (other than replacing perished labels and corks). They still get regularly used as a demonstration now!

    2018-03-12 18.14.46.jpg 2018-03-12 18.14.29.jpg
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  15. [​IMG]
  16. I had an original old wooden brush from 1887. It has had 5 new handles and 3 new bristle heads since I started work there
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  17. Two "crotchety" technicians circa 1957 :)
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  18. I've come across this zinc carbonate, don't know how old it is though, I am assuming where it says 1816 that isn't a date as when I've googled it Philip Harris isn't to old. I really do like the label though.

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  19. I have 2 Weston Standard Cells. 1 has a test certificate from July 1948. Cell.jpg
  20. I think the oldest thing I've found has been from 1974. Still perfectly serviceable chemical.