How many wear labcoats

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  1. Our school is pushing us to wear labcoats. The school is too hot and the science department is spread over 3 floors. I am saying "no" but will consider a polo shirt.
    What do you think?
  2. I used to, but as I'm Physics only I dont bother now, unless I'm doing something messy.
    I do wear white shirt and tie though. Wouldnt be caught dead in anything less when the students are in.
  3. I wear one all the time, I cover all three sciences so deal with a variety of chemicals and apparatus and my lab coat definitely gets grubby by the end of the week so would rather keep that grub off my clothes (also can't imagine where I'd stash my pens and keys if i didnt have my labcoat pockets)
    I do however wear coloured lab coats (blue, pale green, burgundy) as the white ones just looks dirty so quickly.
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    greenfingers Sarah G

    I only wear one if I go into a lab during a lesson or if I'm doing something potentially dirty
  5. I always wear one seeing as I prep mostly chemistry. It comes in useful as a spatula/glass rod/various glassware/ hand drier as well! ;) My clothes have been saved on numerous occasions. I feel naked without one now. :eek:
  6. I used to wear one religiously due to the senior technician, but since he retired I ditched unless it was needed as PPE for a specific activity. I also moved away from shirt at the same time, mainly because I was sick and tired of it coming out of my trousers when I'm on my hands and knees or up and down step ladders, moved away from trousers as they aren't that hard wearing. I know some people on here will probably not like this but I think there needs to be a change across all industries for what male workers are required to wear. Women don't need to wear a shirt and tie so why should men?
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  7. I agree. At my last school, we were expected to dress smartly but I pointed out that ours is a hands on job that usually involves getting grubby at some point and I'd be damned if I was going to wear 'decent' clothes. So I wore black jeans, DMs and tops that were 'work only' ones - nobody said anything for 6 years so I guess they were happy! :)
  8. Likewise with the jeans, as for tops I just use Asda George polo shirts, as for the price if I have to throw them out I really don't mind. Been going over 6 months now and not a work from SLT so all seems good here.
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  9. Only wear labcoat when necessary. Cargo trousers and polo shirt
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  10. I also only wear A lab coat if needed or when out and about in the labs (though this is mainly for the pockets). As I'm in a private school there is a general feeling of 'look smart'. I tend to wear black shoes and smart looking hard wearing trousers with either a shirt or smart long sleeved top. I feel that due to the nature of the job wearing a suit is not practical. I have been here nearly five years and no one has yet court me out.
  11. It's so cold here I'm like a hermit crab moving from my outside coat to my lab coat in the morning, I need the extra layer! I nearly didn't take my outside coat off today. In the warmer months only wear my lab coat if I'm doing something messy.
  12. I like pockets to put pens, rulers, screwdrivers, spatulas etc and small bits of equipment in. Going to get a coloured lab coat next
  13. I wear a lab coat twice a year.

    When pouring conc hydrochloric acid into the convection tube to clean it, and when doing the leakage tests on the ionising sources.

    I were dark grey craghoppers and badged black polo shirts all year round.Whatever colour the wide fit nimbus gel trainers are that year (a fetching blue this year) and tainbow laces.
  14. Dod


    Lab coat on all the time, pocket contents are assorted pencils, eraser, sharpener, wee screwdriver, Gerber, notes for aide memoire, insulating tape, ancient vernier caliper, assorted screws picked up in my travels (they will have fallen out of something important), clip on ID badge and proudly wearing my new invaluable badge.
  15. Rarely, don't like dangly sleeves. Leather waistcoat. Chem resistant and ok with flame.
  16. Suit and tie here during term time. Rarely wear a lab coat. Being Physics only, I really only use it for occasional messy jobs and when I'm in my workshop.

    For comfort and convenience I'd like to do the cargo trousers and polo shirt thing, but being suited and booted helps to align us with the teaching staff. I think the management and students both see us in a slightly better light as a result.
  17. Snap! Some mornings it is 11 C (16 C is the legal min) in the prep room when I get in, so I keep my coat on until it warms up a bit. Problem is due to the boilers not working properly, but the whole school is having the heating revamped. As the boilers supplying the science dept are a problem, they were supposed to be a priority, but I'm still waiting for them to make a start - other parts of the school are being done... My feet are still freezing!!
  18. They are supposed to get the temperature up to the legal minimum (16C) within an hour of you starting work, if this is not the case ask for a portable heater to be provided or contact your union
  19. I cant stand sleeves so I wear a short sleeved labcoat (although I do have a long sleeved ones for making up acids etc)
  20. I wear mine when I am playing with chemicals or washing up. Other than that I dont wear it.