How many technicians?

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  1. I'm curious as to how everyone's school/college works with respect to science technicians, how many ect?
    We have one for each subject, Physics, Biology and Chemistry each with our own prep rooms. We focus on our own subject but help out as and when if someone has a bigger workload than others at times
  2. Same set up as you - 1 per science each working out of separate prep rooms
  3. Craig Astle

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    1500 students, 10 laboratories, 13 Teachers, all 3 sciences through KS3, KS4 and KS5 with 2 Technicians and 2 preprooms
  4. 900 students, 6 laboratories, 11 Science Teachers (some part time) KS 3-5 all sciences. One teeny weeny prep room. One technician, term time only
  5. Main school- 700 pupils, 5 labs, 1 prep room
    6th form- biology, chemistry, physics A levels and BTEC applied science, 2 labs, 1 prep room
    Technicians- 1 TTO
  6. Me and 5 labs... 6 teachers - year 9 to 6th form... biology, chemistry, physics.
  7. 11 Labs, 17 teachers, KS3 KS4 KS5, 1500 pupils, 3 main prep rooms plus 2 storage rooms. 2 Technicians :rolleyes:
  8. 1500 students, 11 teachers 8 labs and 1 room, with 2 more labs coming by Christmas...we hope, but its me and 2 other techs at the moment but we are looking for 1 more full timer so another can drop to 3 days a week leading to 3 full timers and 1 3 day a week tech :D
  9. 10 labs, 18 teachers (not including student teachers), 1600 students, 1 prep room, 3 techs all TTO
  10. Paul Murphy

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    6 labs, 2 studio labs (Classroom with 1 bench with gas, water and power) and 1 seminar room (basically a demonstration room).
    Just over 1000 pupils.
    10 teachers, 3 part time and 2 non-scientists doing 2 lessons each a week.
    2 techs, myself as senior, full time all year and one other, full time but TTO.
    At times we could do with another body though....
  11. Nick Mitchener

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    1600 pupils, 11 labs, 13 teachers, 3 full time TTO technicians, 3 preprooms plus a bugs room.
  12. I won't complain again! KS3/4, 600 pupils, 5 FT teachers, I 30hr/week TTO technician.
  13. Y12 and Y13, 10 Labs, 11 teaching staff, 4 technicians.
  14. NTG


    1000 pupils, 9 teachers , 6 labs plus a classroom , Just me TTO. Always behind. Usually unable to do some things (e.g. weekly H&S checks have not been done the past 2 weeks......and we have H&S audit next Monday !!!). Does anyone believe all this extra money coming into education (assuming its not the usual politician-election-lies-sort-of stuff !!) do you think will 'trickle' down to the technician level ??? Used to be 2 full time techs here...…
  15. 900 students ( or there about's) 5 labs, 9 full time teachers, keystage 3,4 Btec and IB Biology and 1 technician Term time only. Run off my feet most days
  16. We have around 900 students, five labs + one classroom that they can do some basic stuff in in, KS3 and KS4. Six full time teachers, one part time, one ITT who does four days a week. Oh and one prep room, one technician TTO.
  17. Unfortunately most hierarchy think complete practicals magically float from shelves, H&S is a two minute job, the fairies wash up... and solutions come ready made.
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  18. They do, but schools don't have the budget to buy them all in :D
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  19. 9 labs 1 IT room we use 10 other non labs we use, 1200 kids 14 teachers (2 of which are SLT) and 1 HLTA who has a rise group, 2 technicians isn't so bad!
  20. Shannon

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    Around 600 kids. Three full time sci teachers, three part time with other subjects. Four labs. And there is me myself and I :D