How do you run your prep room?

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  1. This is for the senior/lead techs out there. How do you manage your technicians. Do you make your techs responsible for different labs/teachers, give them all different responsibilities or do you work on a day to basis and delegate as and when things need doing. Also as a senior do you actually line manage your technicians or are you just a senior because of experience.
  2. I split the teachers between myself and my colleague, so we have 6 teachers each, with a range of responsibilities between us I am mostly responsible for ensuring H&S but it is a combined effort, I plan the orders and I line manage the science technician.

    But we are all so friendly so we just chip in when needed!
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  3. Tee


    In numbers....

    6 techs
    5 FT 1 PT
    1 Lead, 1 Senior, 4 Technicians
    1 Chem, 1.5 Biology, 1 Physics/ Senior, 1 Junior 1 Lead
    14 Labs
    6 Labs Downstairs (Physics/ Junior)
    8 Labs Upstairs (Biology/ Chemistry)
    2 Prep rooms
    26 Teachers (full/ pt)
    Senior tech manages Labs & H&S etc downstairs
    Lead tech manages Orders, Labs & H&S etc upstairs
    Lead tech allocates reqs on lablogger but its pretty much subject specific
    Lead tech is overall line manager for all techs.
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  4. paul r

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    Only have a small team (2.5 techs) so do not give them responsibility for a set number of teachers or a specific subject . Basically wherever the workload is we all muck in. We try to get practicals ready in advance where possible and have a system where we can all see what we are doing .
    If there 5 labs to clear at the end of a specific period we will allocate the lab 1 &2 to one tech to clear etc . rather informal but it works.
    I can see in a larger school the above system not working.
    As Lead I manage most things and the other techs do much of the prep and I chip in when it gets busy
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  5. STEM1

    STEM1 Dave

    We look after the sciences, D&T, food tech, textiles, maths and hair salon. We have 3 technicians, everyone does everything. We don't have a senior tech.
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  6. Techitude

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    I manage one full time and one part time tech. We have one main prep room and we separate the practical duties equally and I like to let my techs work as independently as possible but do direct them if there is something particular I want them to do. I do handle all the ordering and most of the admin though and am in overall charge of the prep room and what we do.
  7. I manage 2 full time and after half term a new full timer with one of my current dropping to 3 days a week. We have split them more by specialism but everyone is starting to chip in with different sciences.
  8. I split the the practicals between myself and my colleague, so i do all the A level practicals and she will do lower school, with a range of responsibilities between us I am mostly responsible for ensuring H&S but it is a combined effort, I plan the orders and I line manage the science technician.

    We both work as team and help each other when needed.
  9. Just me FT senior and FT tech, we split the requisitions daily, I usually do A level but am training other tech at moment to do A level, i do other tasks budget (ordering), H & S and ensure all tasks are completed on schedule, we share 50/50 most tasks.
  10. Sharon Elsdon

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    There are 4 of us, 3 Science Technicians and a Senior Technician.
    I line manage the Science Technicians, and until recently the D&T Technicians also.
    We all have our own labs to look after for safety checks and we have swapped to sciences but are easy with that and help each other.

    I do all the ordering and risk assess the technician activities.
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  11. JFKtech

    JFKtech and then there were two - now JFK Techs :)

    There's just me (senior) and one tech, so don't allocate teachers to techs. When all the reqs come in on Thursday I write them up on the whiteboard and allocate them so we have a fairly even split; but if something takes longer than intended or last minute stuff is requested, we sometimes swap around.

    We don't deliver or collect practicals, we set them up on trolleys for teachers to fetch (although I frequently end up rescuing stuff when it gets abandoned in a lab).

    I line manage the tech. I do the ordering and most stock taking.