How do you deal with behaviour when delivering practicals?

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  1. Morning all,

    Just curious to know how do you deal with behaviour when delivering a practical into a classroom with teachers which, how can we say, have a tough(er) time of doing it themselves?

    There have been a few occasions where I have delivered a practical and have had to brush aside when the odd student makes a comment.

    I would definitely enjoy taking them out the classroom and giving them a telling off!

    I ask as I may be going back into teaching with this school (although I have doubts..).

    Many thanks :)
  2. It should be the Teacher who deals with this, not the Technician! It is part of a Teacher's job and if they can't cut it they should do something more in their comfort zone.:)
  3. This is what I thought but here there seems to be a pattern of techs going into Science teaching and if I do chose to train here, then I want behaviour when it involves me to be dealt with.
  4. Nick Mitchener

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    All staff have a responsibility with regard to behaviour, not just teachers. Here technicians can give demerits and commendations. I do give commendations but if I have a behaviour problem I usually get a teacher involved. In class I will speak to individuals if it is necessary to stop something immediately or refer to the teacher if it isn't so urgent.
  5. Ophelia @Ophelia is in a better position than me to advise you on this issue. She is very helpful.:)
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    Sometimes, I have been helping out in the lower ability groups so we have some staff to a group. If I feel a student is messing around in my group I will like say, you shouldn't be doing that or ect and often the teacher will hear me too. I am starting to gain confidence in the corridor and when I used to get the bus with the kids (driving to work is sooo less stressful) I would kind of control them as it was a public bus too.

    If I am walking through a lab (I had to get out of my prep room) And notice something, HOD has said to me I can tell them ie must put goggles on or hair tied up or if I see a student messing around. I did also have to take a phone off a kid on sports day last school term. I only do this as it shows that even with other members of staff, we wont let them get away. We have also been told to watch uniform as a whole school so its not just the teaching staff who have to deal with it.
  7. I would deal with it in line with the school behaviour policy. (but no you should not tolerate it)
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  8. I personally wouldn't train where I have been a tech as the kids sometimes have a difficulty recognising you in a new role as they seem to think teachers have more authority.
  9. Same here, even if I see a kid out of class (when they should be in!), I ask why, and I won't tolerate being spoken down to or at... :D
  10. What if they say "we're 6th formers"? I get this responce a lot, how do you give them a non sarcastic answer?
  11. So they should know better! In a science lab 6th formers are working with more risky chemicals and equipment. If they want to be treated more like adults 1. they should behave that way 2. they should move to a college that is not part of school!
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  12. I taught full time for 11 years to A level in the 70s and 80s in Whalley Range and Sale, Manchester - then did a full career in the police - I'm now back as a technician who ended up teaching as well when they found out I was qualified. I've managed to refuse to do any more teaching due to workload and am sticking to tech work.

    It wasn't the reason I left but I was convinced in the 80s that teachers gave up mainly because of the discipline problems in schools and I'm even more convinced now.

    FYI I got considerably more money as a PC than I did as a scale 2 teacher and that was my reason. Teaching is way more stressful than policing in Cheetham Hill and Moss side, Manchester.
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  13. I usually say 'then act like one' or 'does that mean you don't follow rules... nope didn't think so' ...
    If I'm sarcastic... tough...
  14. Don't - I always make sure to be as sarcastic as possible
    They get a very dry "Well done" and an invitation to the head of sixth forms' office to see what makes them exempt to school rules, surprisingly few takers
  15. At least I am not the only one that cannot give them a straight answer when they are being idiots!
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    I will pull students up on their behavior if needed. I am a member of staff so have an equal responsibility as teachers to ensure the values of the school are being upheld. Normally I do it in a sort of 'come on now..' tone but I'm not afraid of a sterner tone if it is warranted.