How Clean/Tidy are your prep rooms?

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  1. How Clean/Tidy are your prep rooms?

    I am constantly being questioned on the tidiness of my prep room by the teachers (some of which don't have the tidiest of rooms themselves) claiming that it hinders the efficiency of my work. Personally i don't like the idea of having an immaculately tidy room as i feel the constant putting away of equipment that i will be using within the next day or 2 when i have space to work around it is an even bigger waste of my time.

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  2. Mine is an absolute state, but I have such little bench space that every time I tidy up I end up in the same state again in 2 days. I do try to keep on top of it, but as a lone tech plus all my add ons I don't always have the time.
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  3. Nick Mitchener

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    Mine is a right mess, but I have so much stuff and I am not the tidiest of people. I came across a pic of it on my first day, it was just as untidy but with far less stuff in it. I amaze people by my ability to know where everything is, but as my short term memory deteriorates that may be a harder trick to pull off!
    I do have a four drawer filing cabinet now so some of the paperwork is getting more organised, and have more gratnell racks so that part completed projects can get a slot awaiting completion.
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  4. Mine is untidy. Not dangerous but untidy. I am a lone tech and I don't have time to get everything done immediately. I've been having a tidy this morning but there is no point putting away equipment I will need again in the near future. I have overflowed into one of the labs this year as it isn't being used. That is probably a mistake.

    In the past I have found that having space in the prep room encourages teachers to claim it as their own. I try not to have empty space!
  5. That couldnt be more true:mad: followed by the thats not mine conversationo_O
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  6. I am the king of untidy. Partly because there is barely time to get everything out, never mind tidy up, and partly because it hinders those who would help themself. _I_ know where everything is.
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  7. My prep room looks like a bomb's hit it (actually, being hit by a bomb might tidy it up a bit....! :D )
    Although it looks untidy with stuff everywhere, it's actually ultra-organised with everything in room and lesson order for as far ahead as I have space for, everything in specific (sometimes even logical! :confused:) places on shelves, and I know EXACTLY where everything is - if someone told me it was "hindering my efficiency" I'd struggle to keep a civil tongue..... :mad: They have NO idea, and should keep their noses out...... :D
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  8. Nothing wrong with an organised mess (as long as nothing's actually hazardous, obvs).

    Mine's a bit of a tip (partly from paperwork because it's also used as an office by the rest of the science staff but I'll happily claim a good chunk of the mess). I'm a lone tech so as long as I have enough space and know where stuff is, how 'tidy' it looks to a random observer is not relevant AFAIC.

    I've encountered my share of people (even some other techs) who think prep room tidiness is the be all and end all though usually the same ones who think the job can be summed up as "not-so-glorified washer-upper". Nice to see that most of us are of a similar mindset to me on here! :D
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  9. I took the greatest delight, after a senior member of staff told me that an untidy room showed an untidy mind, in pointing out that their desk was completely empty.
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  10. :D <3
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  11. I work as a lone tech and try to work 2 days ahead if I can so naturally there is usually quite a bit of stuff on the benches ready to go out. To be perfectly honest I don't tell the teachers how to organise their rooms so I don't expect them to tell me how to organise mine. As far as I'm concerned the prep room is my workspace and I'll blooming well organise it as I see fit. I'd be tempted to tell them so clear off and mind their own business :D If they don't like it they can always go elsewhere!
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  12. Single word answer to that - HOW?

    All they'll be able to do is um and ah cos in my experience 90% of teachers don't have the first clue re: what we do on a day to day and wouldn't be able to tell you exactly how your "mess" is hindering your work
    Probably some stupid sound bite they picked up in an Inset day workshop or some crap
  13. Julie Delaney

    Julie Delaney COMMITTEE

    only 90%??????? surely you're being a little too generous there my dear. I would say, not one of them has a clue what we actually do.
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  14. Dod


    Mine is shared with another who does all the tidying up and I do all of the mess, works well for us as a team.

    And as for the teachers taking an interest, the answer to them is "if you don't like it bog off"
  15. I was accounting for the very few who give a toss and the teachers who used to be technicians, seems a relatively popular route to get the school experience before applying to do science ITT these days
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  16. Paul Murphy

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    Take as much time as you need to tidy up. Then inform the teachers that you didn't have time to prepare their equipment because you were too busy tidying the prep room. Or you could just ignore the comment and get on with your job. Or tell, whichever teacher it was, to mind their own business.
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  17. Mine looks a mess, but is actually a clever system to deter teaching staff from entering.
    I have a number of "projects" in various states of repair(?) waiting for parts/inspiration/divine intervention.
    There are also trolleys of equipment that my crystal ball tells me will be needed tomorrow/Nextday.
    I've also got about 1000 used AA batteries waiting for the recycling bin.....
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  18. karen b

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    Ours are a bit hit and miss. We try to keep it relatively tidy, but every now and then have a blitz when there is no free bench space. Freeing up some racking space to store trays of practicals we know are needed again later in the week helps (but we also have to remember to put them away when completely finished with).

    My 'desk' is never clear. I make the occasional effort but tidiness is really not my thing
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  19. For me, it depends on what time of day. If it at the beginning or end then there are practicals everywhere that are either needed that day or tomorrow, (I only work one day a head but that works for me) and there are some things that I keep out as I know they will be used again over the next few day. But then there is an hour or so during the middle of the day where you can start to see my workspace, as long as I don't look over to my sink and the piled up washing up. My desk on the other hand is always covered with paperwork, books, notes, thing to repair ect. As long as you can get round and deliver the practicals then I don't see the problem
  20. Mine isn't messy. It's organised chaos.