Homemade cartesian divers

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  1. This is a video I made 7 years ago and put up on youtube about making a homemade cartesian squid diver. Uses only things you will probably find lurking somewhere in your prep room.

    The teachers used to do the activity it with the students who loved it but it's also great as a demo or prop for open evening etc.

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    Why can't I see anything?
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  4. Now that is beautiful :)
  5. much easier to make than the glass blown ones I used to make and they look more fun
  6. I have a distant memory of being told that a cafe ketchup sachet (or similar)works too, but I did't trial it...any takers?
  7. Yep they work well. Not as pretty as squidy though!
  8. Mine is called 'Bob' - he will be goign out for his first class outing next week...
  9. Excellent! I wish that I had seen this before our Young Investigators science club at lunchtime. We only had the basic pipette bulb and nut but I can see an improvement for next time!
  10. Diver.JPG
    Made our diver out of a chopped up pipette with a nut to weigh it down. Named Duncan (after 80's swimmer Duncan Goodhew). Wires for legs add stability, and cotton thread for arms give that "realistic swimming motion effect". Electrical tape holds it all together whilst also preserving Duncan's modesty.
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