Home made dry ice

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  1. Want an easy way to make small quantities of dry ice?

    I make small quantities in the lab with a soda steam - turn it upside down with a piece of tubing from the nozzle into a cloth. Press the button - because it is upside down liquid CO2 comes out of the nozzle (instead of gas) goes into the cloth, vaporises and cools it down below -70 leaving solid dry ice in the cloth.
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  2. here's some pics of me making dry ice today

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  3. This is a fab idea! can I ask what you then use it for?
  4. I use the soda stream as a quick supply of Co2 to demo 'can you pour a gas?' But the dry ice is used to demo sublimation - safe to put small amounts on hand to show no dampness created - can make dry ice smoke by placing in warm water - loads of fun tricks
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  5. Mission Soda stream for me then! Thanks Peter
  6. We bought a sno-pack dry ice maker. It fits onto a fire extinguisher
  7. Hardly 'homemade' what happens if you have a fire and the cost of the extinguisher replacement
  8. Our H and S guy doesn't mind - he supplies them. I think they might be a slightly older design to the ones our contractor currently supplies. I would still consider this homemade dry ice as opposed to buying it in ready-made.