Hi from N.I!

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  1. Hi everyone!

    My name is Bernadette, Science Technician from N.Ireland! I've been off on maternity for the last 9 months and I've just come back to work! and feel like I've forgotten everything :rolleyes: looking forward to getting to know everyone :)
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  2. Dod


    Ceud Mìle Fàilte fae the bonnie north of Scotland.
    and how's the wean ?
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  3. Thanks Dod! Agus Tu Fein! :) He's great thank you! Named him Logan, 9 months old now and the boss of the house lol
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    Be a wee charmer then.
  5. for sure! :) the rascal. I'm in over the summer and lots to do before September!
  6. Dod


    We got a grandson who is two months older and crawling at speed, now learnt he can fall off a doorstep :)

    You will get more welcomes when Englandshire come back from holidays
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  7. Hi From Australia!!
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  8. prepAdmin

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  9. Hi everyone! sorry for the delay in replies, I've been snowed under prepping for teachers arrival....tomorrow!!

    I wonder could I pick any of your brains about a 'Practical Requests' Notice....
    I know teachers rarely take it under their notice and its probably a waste of time but I would like to put up a notice for practical requests saying something like..."please allow 24hrs notice for all requests...etc etc"... would anyone have a friendly way of wording this?
  10. Dod


    " Ask at your leisure but you will get nothing till tomorrow " ought to do it ;) :)
  11. Ha! I'm new here :D that should set the tone rightly. I like your style Dod :cool:
  12. Welcome
  13. Welcome
  14. You'll soon get back into the swing of things Bernadette.:);)
  15. Oh aye, only into the school term and it's like I never left... the joys! ;):D
  16. Hi Bernadette, "please allow 24 hours notice for all requests" sounds friendly enough to me.
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  17. Hello
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  18. Dod


    Another one is "We don't do (things) today"
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  19. Welcome aboard!
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