Hi from Essex

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  1. Hi everyone!
    I'm Charlotte, brand new physics technician here! Taken the role after a work break raising my daughter so it is all new to me. (somehow showing as male although female)
    I'm currently doing my Astronomy and planetary science degree with the OU also so busy busy!
    I've already found these forums amazing help so thank you
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  2. Hello Charlotte! We have a lovely crew here, welcome and thanks for joining the sanatorium!
  3. Welcome
  4. Hi @hadley welcome to the forum.
    I'm in Essex too so nice to see another from the area.
    I've also not long ago started an OU degree, although I'm doing a general STEM one so my next module is a maths one. Not nearly as exciting as astronomy and planetary science, I'm sure!
  5. Hi Charlotte, and welcome
  6. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon COMMITTEE

    Hello! Which part of Essex? As I am on the suffolk, Essex border
  7. Welcome
  8. I'm by Southend :)
  9. Greetings and a warm welcome from Tewkesbury!