Hi from Essex!

Discussion in 'New Members - Say Hello!' started by Seth Whitby, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Seth Whitby

    Seth Whitby the_eco_dude

    Hi all, started as a tech in March and found this site over the weekend while doing some research for upcoming practicals. Everyone seems lovely and helpful so I thought I'd join up and say hello!
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  2. Welcome Seth!!
  3. prepAdmin

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  4. Former_user

    Former_user Guest

    Hi Seth!
  5. Welcome
  6. Hi Seth. You will find that the majority of this Community to be lovely and helpful. Someone will always be able to provide an answer to a problem.:);):rolleyes:
  7. Hi there & welcome :):)
  8. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon

    Hellooo! I am from your neighbouring county Suffolk :D
  9. Hello from the lands of cider and cream teas (well I work in Somerset but live in Devon) :)
  10. Hi Seth, I am also based in Essex. Are you part of the local technicians group it has provided me with great advice and training previously.
  11. Hi Seth, I hang out in Essex at Stansted Mountfitchet this is great group.

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