Hi from Bristol :)

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  1. Hello to you all, and thanks for letting me join!....
    I am a technician from Bristol and find this science community very informative and funny sometimes :). I have been a technician since 1999 ( just realised that's 30 years!!!) Anyway I came into the role as a novice but did an NVQ3 on the job training and was trained by a wonderful science technician so got to learn all over again and am still learning now! I'm currently a loan technician so reading other peoples problems and experiences on this website makes the job less lonely :D
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  2. Welcome
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  3. jan


    Hi there, I work in a school in Keynsham so am quite near to you.
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  4. Nearer than you think as I'm in the other Keynsham School!! :D
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    see you the Avon Sci TEch meeting in july!
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  6. Hello
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  7. Hi there. :)
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  8. Hello Bristoleum! Welcome to the sanatorium, now your life will never be the same again!
  9. :D