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  1. Although I have worked in the science industry for 20 years EKKK, I have completely changed direction, and gone from a well paid responsible position in a pharmaceutical company to biology tech. Despite the huge decrease in salary, I love the change, less pressure and fun and probably treated with more respect as a tech (ironic). Don't really have a clue what I am doing so hopefully you can help me out. I may need to call in the FBI to decode the prior techs notes..........
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  2. Very helpful forum welcome
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  3. Welcome, we are a friendly bunch here!
  4. Welcome, but you seem to be mistaken, no one where has a clue either :D
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  5. Welcome
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  6. Welcome biolofi, I trod a similar path as I worked in the Chemistry dept of various metals industries for 33yrs. I applied for this Snr Tech job after the company I worked for closed down. Anyway to cut a long story short, I took the job on and for me it was just a stop-gap until I found a "proper job" but here I am, still here after 15 yrs! It's been mostly enjoyable, but initially, the thing that bugged me the most was the school bells !!!!*** which can drive you mad! (or maybe they already have??) Good Luck !!
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  7. haha yes the school bells will take getting used to. I keep ignoring kids when they call me miss until i realize they are talking to me.
  8. At least you have bells, I have been here 6 months and still cant get used to not having a bell go off every 40/50/60 mins
  9. We are blessed here with no bells as well... :)

    Welcome biolofi.
  10. we have a clocktower
  11. they stopped ours now i'm lost...