Hey from West Yorkshire!

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  1. I'm Jack, biology and BTEC technician at a college in West Yorkshire. I've been here a while but just starting to get to grips with the layout!

    My love is BBC Radio 6 Music (permanently on in the prep room) and chemistry. I am sight impaired and non binary and loving life!

    Have a good week!
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  2. Hi Jack, I have 6 Music too in my prep room, not all the teachers love it, but it's MY radio......Welcome!
  3. Hi Jack and welcome.
  4. Welcome to the forums Jack :D

    We are just a little down the M1 here in South Yorkshire
  5. By playing music that Teachers enjoy your are encouraging them to "get their feet under the table" in your Prep Rooms. I thought that the majority prefer to keep them out. I used to play Classic FM which was extremely effective - "death by violin" they would say.:D:D:D
  6. Welcome! And hello fellow Non-binary person <3
  7. Hello! Good time to find us - we'll need to keep together to keep sane I think.
  8. Hello! Also at a college in West Yorkshire here :) Well, actually currently working at home trying to dream up praticals students can do away from college, but hey ho...:)
  9. dropping apples, splitting light.