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    Just been let down badly by major supplier (three letters!!) of exercise books. Initial order before the Summer break for Purple books arrived in Green. Returned immediately. Came back yesterday, no books have arrived. Chased up for delivery today/tomorrow (they said !!)

    Have now come back and said "none in stock...…"

    Pupils arrive tomorrow......have a very limited stock

    Can anyone suggest alternative suppliers for urgent delivery ??
  2. We use ESPO, always had good service and the prices are the cheapest around
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    We use ESPO also and they are swift at delivery and we find they are the cheapest but the quality is still there.
  4. We've just swapped from ESPO (who we've used for years) to

    They were significantly cheaper, the quality is fine, they are from sustainable sources and they even put your school logo on the cover.

    I can't say what the delivery time was as they were ordered over the summer holidays and were here when we got back.
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  5. I've just looked at this and the prices are better than ESPO if you are using plain books but they are more expensive if you have them with logos on the cover
  6. To our surprise, they offered it for free, so it's worth asking for a price.
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  7. I shall definately look to ordering from them next time I order books as they a quite a bit cheaper than ESPO
  8. We're definitely happy with them.

    I forgot to say, even the kids like them, because of the logo and they were asking when they could have one of the new ones (we still have plenty of the old stock).
    We might be able to hand them out for good behaviour!
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  9. Same here. They sent an email the day before delivery.

    /Some of the colours are very vibrant.:cool:
  10. Did you get the FREE sample box containing all of the additional products that we can now offer at market beating prices? I didn't
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    Nor me but have asked for one