Help - Sources of KS4/5 Science Words - to help with stroke recovery

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  1. This is an odd request.
    I have had a stroke during a major operation - thankfully not a huge problem but I have lost some word memory. There are times when I know exactly what a (science) item in a picture is, and what it is used for, but I cant remember what the the item is actually called - its so frustrating. My Speech Therapist has asked if I can find a source of words / pictures of items I would use during work which I am doing but I thought that some of you may know of existing sources which I could use. I 'd be grateful for any suggestions - start back in work September 2!
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  2. there are word lists in Activeteach for KS4.
  3. Is your school a member of CLEAPSS tujeste? They have a nice resource, E229 Illustrations of basic lab equipment. It has nice 3D images with the name on the same sheet.
  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your misfortune tujeste and I wish you a speedy and full recovery. Isn't September a bit too early to return though? Some nice suggestions from Paul and foxcourt. By the way is tujeste based on the French for "you joke"?:)
  5. Had the operation and stroke back in May - the doctor suggested I needed a minimum of two months recovery even before the stroke (surgery for v. large aortal aneurism) and yes tujeste is (in the manor of Private Eye) based on French for 'your joking'
  6. Unfortunately I have no access to ActiveTeach - but it makes me think to check the online Science resources we do have access to if I can remember the relevant passwords!!
  7. Some suppliers like Timstar or Breckland have lists of equipment for required activities on their website with a link to the page in their catalogue where you can usually find a photo. I wish you a speedy recovery.