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  1. I will be new to the technician role. Took a break after completing my chemistry degree for a family and ready to be in the technician role. I took part in a short course to introduce me to the role of technician but well aware the best way is learn on the job! And been looking for more courses too...

    Are there any hints /tips you can offer to ease the transition of learning the role?

    Nice to meet you all
  2. Dod


    Hullloooo there and welcome.

    Tip - - eyes open, mouth closed, absorb everything till you know it all. ;)

    Hint - - stop for breaks otherwise you will not get them.
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  3. Welcome. Best advice is to use Cleapss, lots of help and advice on there and obviously Prep room, always find someone on here who has the answer to your question. Good luck and hope you enjoy your new job
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    Or SSERC if in the best part of the British Isles
  5. Craig Astle

    Craig Astle Superhero in training

    Find out if you have a local technicians group as they are invaluable if you need to borrow equipment etc. What area are you in?
  6. Be prepared for a very steep learning curve. You'll do well provided you are being mentored by a competent Technician.:)
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  7. You have time to help mentor, you are always on here :D
  8. Yes, I've mentored 133 work placements over the last 4 years not to mention Technicians from local schools (the majority are graduates and have been in their roles for many years) not to mention the high-end stuff I do - but I enjoy it.:D
  9. Greetings!
  10. Sold, you can now spend less time on here and some time tutoring instead :D
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