Hello Peeps

Just joined the group. I've worked in schools for a long time as technician and even a caretaker for a short while. I've been AVA and stage tech, DT tech in 3 schools, IT tech and physics tech in another and now back to physics. I ran the greenpower team for my last school. Prior to this and indeed for odd periods between I spent a deal of time at Marconi Instruments, ICL, and Digitron mostly maintaining scopes spectrum analyzers and equipment used to produce the company's products. Also been a driving instructor, motor mechanic, odd job man, Pumped drainage engineer, and even bowling alley engineer. You can imagine this has taken a while and I'm now past retiring but I like to keep working for the routine and sociality as much as the money. Interested in Scalextric, Air guns, dublo 3 rail, collecting old science equipment, cycling, strange bikes and trikes, etc. Like a laff, so will be posting funnies as I come across them and enjoying the wit of others. The name I chose came from Idi Amin parodies done by John Bird in the 80s. Idi was going to marry Princess Grace of Meccano. Its a short step to to Prince Brainier of Meccano.
Hi & welcome :) I was exhausted just reading this, my you have been busy! I think you'll fit in well............