Hello, from Long Island, NY

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  1. Found this site by searching for "how to clean burnt sugar out of glass ware". Who ever said to use NaOH, thank you. I have been throwing away test tubes for years. Thank you again.
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  2. Welcome from across the pond.
  3. Welcome
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    Welcome @Cem0104
    Are you a science teacher? Technicians are pretty rare over there!
  5. Welcome
  6. I am not a teacher. I am what we call a Science Aide. We have two full time and 4 part time. I do chemistry, and the other full time does Biology (living environment is what it is called now). I work at the high school with 14-18 year olds. I get labs ready and stay in the room to assist teachers. As far as I knew we are rare commodity on Long Island, not sure about NYC.
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  7. Hey! Welcome to our techies forum, great to have you with us. we are a helpful and friendly lot on here and will give you all the help you may need, or just a place to sound off! Have a great weekend. mine starts in one hour and 10 minutes. :D
  8. Mine will start in 23 minutes... TGIF.
  9. Welcome
  10. Welcome. Wow! I too didn't know there were techies over there.