Hello from Essex!

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  1. I am a graduate working in a school (Yrs 1-11) and am the sole science technician.
    Fortunately I have been shadowing the current technician for her last week, so I haven't been abandoned!!.
    She has held the post for the past 9 years, so it would be impossible to learn let alone remember all she has to offer in the way of knowledge, but i'm extremely grateful for the time!!
    I am completely new to this and, to my concern, so is one of the teachers!!

    I'm sure i'll be asking a million questions and hopefully in time will be able to shed some light for other people, even if only by naming a place to look stuff up!!
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  2. Hello, and welcome! :)
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  3. Hello! Quite a few newbies here to learn from the old hands.
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  4. Welcome
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  5. Hiya, feel free to ask away!
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  6. Hello and welcome!
    As a lone technician you will find this site invaluable - lots of friendly advice available.
    try and get on a CLEAPPS or STEM course for new technicians too.
  7. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon COMMITTEE

    Hello! Which part of Essex are you? As I am based on the border of Essex & Suffolk

    This page will become your best friend (trust me!!) Also if you have FB, join the sci tech page on there too! Get on as many training as you can as this will help you tones!
  8. Hello and welcome Mogs. I'm in Essex too in the North of the county.
  9. Colchester so not far from the border
  10. Welcome, I am in Essex too, based in Basildon. If you ever need anything let me know