Hello from Ayrshire

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  1. Hi fellow techies,

    Just joined so thought would say hello. Brilliant site for help, advice and other stuff. I'm a lone Science tech in an Ayrshire Academy with under 500 pupils. Six teaching staff and big uptake across the three sciences. Great Faculty to work in
  2. Dod


    Welcome from northeast Scotland, great bit of the best bit of the GB island :)

    Nice coos down there too ;)
  3. Cheers Dod. The doggy photo is taken on Uig Sands on Lewis. Wonderful part of the world. Where we head when school closes!
  4. Christine Broadbent

    Christine Broadbent magic maiden

    Photo is making me homesick. Been exiled in yorkshire for over 40 years but still hanker after the homeland!!
  5. Christine Broadbent

    Christine Broadbent magic maiden

    btw, Welcome Shirley!
  6. Thank you Christine. Spent most of our free time between Lewis and Skye
  7. Welcome
  8. Hello from Lincolnshire and welcome
  9. prepAdmin

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  10. Welcome from North east Scotland too!
  11. Hello
  12. Hello from Lancashire. by 'eck, it's reet cold 'ere today.:D