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  1. Great to be connected to the world of school lab techs!
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  5. Hi Kraken!
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  9. Hi there what's it like being a tech in the land down under?
  10. Hi Kraken,

    I'm also a Techie Down Under...I'm in NSW.
  11. Hi Helen,
    What would you like to know?
  12. Are you suitably valued and rewarded for your knowledge and experience, Lab tech's in England are very under valued both monetarily and mentally.
  13. Morning,
    I'm part of a three campus college and my faculty do appreciate all that I do for them, which makes my job far more enjoyable, money wise we are paid approx. $30 per hour so its not to bad. I work a 6hour 15 minute day starting at 8 and finishing at 2.45 but like all of us do extra before and after school hours. Conditions aren't to bad we desperately need an upgrade in some labs but overall I really enjoy my job. I'm technically trained with Cert 3 and 4.

    Tell me about your conditions in the UK.
  14. Which is about £17 per hour! Many techs here are on just over half that at a rough estimate. Hard to say exactly because salaries are generally quoted as yearly full-time which are then pro rata for term-time only
  15. I have 13 pracs today and it's getting pretty hot :) it's a constant but comfortable day to get everything done.