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  1. Hey everybody......
    One of our heating mantles bit the dust yesterday and now needing to replace. Currently looking in Timstar at replacing with what we already had, but looking at the economy range and we could get two for what we paid for just the one. Does anybody have any experience of either/or? worth it/not worth it etc etc.....
    Thanks in advance.......
  2. I have 4/5 really old ones, so watching here for advice given
  3. Don't know if this will help, I could be talking out of my rear-end.

    Since starting at my present school, where we have no heating mantels, the only need to use one has been for some of the A level Chemistry practicals where "no naked flames" is the order of the day. An alternative of a sand bath is given and we happily used a portable electric hob with a baking tin of sand. It worked well and, at about £15 a single hob, is affordable. Due to circumstances we had 3 students using 1 sand-bath, I would recommend a maximum of 2 depending on the layout of your taps etc.
  4. How do you make a sand bath?
  5. Sorry, I seem to have left out some vital of information o_O!

    Use the electric hob to heat a baking tin of sand, using the hob's thermostat to keep the sand at the desired temperature.

    As far as I'm aware this is ok, if anyone knows otherwise please speak up.

    I use something like this - not the actual one I have

  6. Cool, thanks for that. I shall keep this in mind if we need to do it.