Heart Dissection Video Tutorial

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  1. No gloves! Excellent.
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  2. not needed, they are edible.
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  3. As kindly mentioned by Paul, there are food grade so teachers, nor students need to wear gloves.
  4. karen b

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    Yes, but it's the devil's own job convincing people
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  5. I guess it depends on whether you have access to hot water in the lab...
  6. Dod


    I wouldn't like them in my haggis after the third time of thawing, being put out and not used, handled by unclean unknowns then refrozen. :(
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  7. I wouldn't chance it - the Heart is an excellent environment for Virus and Bacteria to flourish.:)
  8. Techitude

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    What, you mean you don't chop it up in to as many small pieces as possible, effectively making diced heart? I'll have to tell the students here that they're doing it wrong.....;):D
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  9. I agree about not needing gloves...but the teachers don't like it........