Hazcards going into classrooms with practicals

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  1. Hi All,

    I believe that I have read somewhere that Hazcards should not go into labs with the practicals due to information on them not being suitable for the pupils.
    My understanding is that the student safety sheets are to be used in the classroom.
    Am I right?
    Can anyone point me in the right direction as to where I can find this information on the Cleapss website please, I can't seem to find it!
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  2. Not sure but we have a set of student safety sheets in the prep room and teachers have access to the hazcards it is down to them access this information, I will label the chemicals appropriately but ultimately it is their responsibility.
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  3. You can give the hazcard but it is for the teacher's use only, if the students are doing RA's then they should use the student sheets as they are not doing safety management, lesson planning or first aid, etc for the lesson.
  4. We have a set of the student sheets printed so the KS5 students can use them for their CPAC 3 work.
  5. Nick Mitchener

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    I think we just use hazcards, but they are for the teacher not the students.
  6. Each teacher has a set of hazcards and I have circulated the student safety sheets electronically - with a proviso that update versions may be on CLEAPPS. However the teachers seem to pay no attention to the hazcards and never use the student saftey sheets with the kids!!
    I do verbally remind them of any particular hazards when putting chemicals out!
    But back to your original query it does say somewhere on CLEAPPS that the hazcards are for staff not students.
  7. The student sheets are open and free to all.
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  8. There is a sentence somewhere in one of the Cleapss guides which state:

    "Hazcards are not intended to be used by pupils, in terms of the language demand, and, in some cases, the information that you (and we) may not want pupils to have, for example dangerous in contact with x,y,z..."

    Sorry, can't point you in the direction of where this sentence is, or which guide... but to stop teachers taking hazcards to show students I printed and stuck it to the front of my hazcard file.

    Our 'student' sheets are on my h&s excel with a hyperlink to Cleapss so if the teacher wants to look/print off - they're always the latest version.
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  9. I agree with ChrisShan. I think it's a bit late in the day for teachers to look at the hazcards at the start of the lesson. They can access CLEAPSS so should have risk assessed beforehand. It is their job to so
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  10. As CLEAPSS no longer issuing Hazcards best place to look at them is online at CLEAPSS, then the most up to date version being looked at.

    As above in lesson too late!! 16yrs of teching never seen an RA !!
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  11. I am sure the only people here that write RAs are the year 13s for one of their PAGss
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  12. STEM1

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    I issue hazcards with any kit containing hazardous materials. These are for the teacher to refer to in case of spillage, accident or query.
    I also have a quick glance at them myself. It never hurts to remind yourself about the properties, hazards and clean-up methods, and to check that containers are suitably labelled.
  13. Pretty much what I do (and why). Each lab has a folder of Student Safety Sheets for student use.