Growing Garlic Roots in Water

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  1. Here's a good and fun (for the Students ) to grow Garlic Roots for the the Root Tip Squash.. Just add a few drops of Universal Indicator and watch the colours change as the Roots begin to emerge and grow.:);)

    growing Garlic ROOTS in UV Ind.png
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    ooh like that
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  3. You and many others I'm guessing greenfingers.:D:D
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  4. Lovely - will give that one a go I think :D Do you float the garlic on corex board?
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    We use an old polystyrene pizza tray
  6. I use the Lid from a Cuvette Box and make a hole for the Garlic Bulblets to sit but if none is available Karen's @karen b suggestion is also excellent.:)
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    Why does the pH change? probably obvious cant think why though
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  8. I'm not sure but it is definitely related to growth. When you first add the Indicator the entire solution is of one colour but as the roots begin to emerge layers of different colours are formed. Students find it facinating and look at it every so often to see the colour changes.:)
  9. Here's another.:);)

    growing Garlic ROOTS in UV Ind-2.png
  10. Nice one George, I love this!! I'd love to know how it works, I've asked most of the teachers here and they were all a bit gobsmacked and clueless :p. Will definitely be doing this when we get some sort of natural light... Not a fan of winter :(
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  11. They may not know the answer Emily but there must be someone out there who does.:);)
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  12. That looks amazing. I'm definitely giving that a go. What solution are you growing the bulbs in?
  13. Just ordinary Tap Water hails. Pure and Simple every time.:D:D
  14. I wouldn't call our tap water pure, but it's certainly simple. Thanks George.
  15. Go this prac coming up soon! I spear my garlic cloves with a cocktail stick and sit in McCartney bottluw [will add UI to one] then place the bottles in a warm water bath helps speed up growth this time of the year!
  16. Root tip squash is coming up here too. Last year I failed altogether to get a single root to grow and we ended up using some kind of plant with a bulb (botany is NOT my specialty).

    Can I probe some brains here?

    1. Do you need to find 'special' garlic? I know it needs to be NOT irradiated, but when I check, all supermarket garlic is irradiated...
    2. Can this happen at room temp? Bearing in mind that's going to fluctuate with heating coming on and going off. I've managed to get garlic to 'sprout' in the fridge at home, but no roots...
    3. How long does it take, and how long will the roots be viable? It's not uncommon here (as I'm sure in other establishments) for a teacher to want something for Monday morning, and then not get around to it and reschedule for the following Monday. If I get perfect roots and then they shrivel up and die over that week I will have a strop.

    I definitely want to try with the indicator.
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  17. Hi Emily. To answer your questions see my Post

    No special Garllic required. It will occur at room temperature and roots will appear no later than 2 days (usually the following day).:);)
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    We found that the purple garlic worked better

  19. I've found organic garlic to be best, AND the older the better, so I have root tip in a few weeks time will buy this week and leave in the fridge.
    Scratch the root plate base at the bottom of the garlic with a cocktail stick, and I've found that keeping the cloves just immersed in water suspend over the neck of a McCartney bottle spear with cocktail stick. Then place the bottles in a luke warm water bath encourages growth [I switch off overnight]
    I do have lighting above the water bath [not sure if that helps] I set more than I need and in succession I usually see growth in about 2-3 days! You only need 5-10mm as the growth is in the last 3 mm
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