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  1. Hi guys

    The new L93 CLEAPSS radiation document has this interface on the cover to link the gm tube to a laptop, does anyone know or own one of those interfaces or something like it as the school want to show the effect of isotopes on different absorption plates

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    One of the Physic's Teachers asked me to make one of the above but i ended up opting to buy one of these instead:
  3. Thats it, the school doesn't have a lot to spend as they spend more than there fair share on photocopying instead, like £7500 last year, more than our entire budget so anything to keep costs down.
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    Printed circuit board

    A printed circuit board (PCB) has been designed by CLEAPSS for this. CLEAPSS is holding a small stock of PCBs, so contact us to purchase one. Using strip board for this circuit is impractical.
  5. I made the CLEAPPS Counter module that is used on the Radioactivity courses, using document GL118 dated 08/13. This was an older version of the current document that uses the Velleman VM167 interface board. I found this quite easy to make and cost about £40. The teachers were very pleased with it.
  6. i'd need to find a PET100 connector, not hopeful.
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