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  1. We have an excess stock of 100ml conical flasks and 250ml beakers if anyone is interested. We'd like to exchange for other glassware like 100ml beakers or test tubes, but would consider anything else really.
    Let me know if you're interested. We're based in North Essex.
  2. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon

    Sounds good...
  3. Are you looking for glassware Shannon?
  4. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon

  5. Let me know if you've got anything to swap or need a price to buy and we might be able to work something out. Is there anything else you're looking for? We might have some other bits and bobs hidden in cupboards if I can find time to look.
  6. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon

    I think it will be price to buy.. we don't have much to swap for.

    It would be the 100ml C flasks & 250 beakers
  7. Ok, that's great Shannon. I'll get some prices for you and we can work from there.
    Would glass pipettes be any good to you? I suspect not as I don't think many people use them, but I thought I'd ask anyway as they're something else we seem to have a lot of.
  8. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon

    Can I ask what type they look like? Also what size?
  9. Sure, I'll check what I've got and get some photos up for you.
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  10. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon

    Thank you.. though I don't think I can buy anything until September augh
  11. Seth Whitby

    Seth Whitby the_eco_dude

    Hello are these still available? If so how much would you be looking for per item?
  12. Yes, these are still available. I'll get some photos of what we've got and work out prices for you as soon as I can.
  13. Vee


    hi. are the conical flasks still available? also how many do you have and what sort of price? I may have some test tubes for exchange if you prefer
  14. Sorry for the delayed reply everyone, we've been on half term for the last couple of weeks. I have some photos and prices for you all though. Prices are negotiable if you think I've priced too high, I'm a physics tech so glassware is not my area of expertise! I just checked a few suppliers to find the cheapest then took a few quid off that.

    100ml wide neck conical flasks - these are Simax ones and they are a box of 10 for £10, boxes of 24 for £22.
    250ml beakers - Acadamy branded, box of 10 for £5. I think we also have some Bomex branded ones which will be the same price.

    Hope that helps.

    DSC00022.JPG DSC00023.JPG DSC00024.JPG