glass v acetate burettes

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  1. Thinking about my new budget/ restock list. Given how many glass burettes they managed to smash, are acetate ones just as good? Only up to KS4, so acid/alkali titrations only (unless the syllabus changes)...
  2. Acetate are fine Claire. Remember that they don't like Propanone.:D:D
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  3. paul r

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    Acetone to everyone still viewing in black and white
  4. We use them and they are fine.

    I was worried about leaks but they have survived so far!!
  5. We use glass Burettes with white graduations for coloured solutions and Acetate Burettes with blue graduations for colourless solutions. but propanone is kept out of sight when the acetate Burettes are used.:);)
  6. We use them, too - love them. With the taps removed they are really easy to wash but we find that after a few years the taps become a bit tricky to put back in without a bit of silicone grease. That would be my only moan about them.
    Can someone market acetate pipettes now, please?
  7. Acetate pipettes are all over the place. Just search for disposable ones.