Glacial acetic acid

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  1. I have just attempted to dilute some acetic acid down for general use, to find it frozen in the bottle ( or rather prettily freezing in the measuring cylinder as I attempted to decant...)
    Chemical cupboard rather chilly this morning..
    The true meaning of glacial..
    Will reattempt in the Spring...
    Just thought I would share...!
    PS my olive oil past saving too...
  2. That's why it's called Glacial Claire. It will soon melt indoors.:D:D
  3. I believe I came across something on CLEAPSS mentioning that you can place the bottle in some warm water before using it but cant be certain where, I'll have a scout about.
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  5. Not a problem :)
  6. My chem store IS indoors...!
    And thank you, though ruins my excuse not to do it till Spring...
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    Which begs the question, how cold is it in your chem store? and is the prep room any warmer?

    Have to say I've never heard of this happening before.
  8. Yes 2-Methylpropan-2-ol is also an ice-cold solid at room temperature.:);)
  9. Our chemical store is a metal shed (already in situ when I started)which gets damp and freezing in winter and boiling hot in summer. We have removed as many of the chemicals as we can to indoors to prevent damage and accidents (exploding bottles in summer!!!). Madness:rolleyes:
  10. I've said on this forum before, so no surprise to some. Brand new science preproom ?3 years ago. Ventilation in preproom, but none put in in the chem store, so by putting a vent in the door, uses preproom ventilation and an open window(!) to get the required airchanges in the chem store..
  11. I wish we actually had any sort of ventilation in the prep room and we don't have a chemicals store, all the chemicals are locked in cupboards around the edge of the preproom and under the centre benches. So I assume the the vapours leave the cupboards straight in to the prep room
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  13. :eek::eek::eek: Oh dear Luke this does not sound good - well not good for anyone who has to work under these conditions. I take it you have an annual medical for coming into contact with the vapours? Is there a reason why you don't have a chemical store?:);)
  14. Nope, no medical, no nothing. The reason we don't have a chemical store? I don't know this is just what I inherited one large room with a lot of cupboards and racking. We have 12 double cupboards full of chemicals plus 2 tall metal cabinets with chemicals in, the store room would have to be rather large I feel.
  15. Does this mean that teachers can come in and take what they want? I am surprised that you don't have the medical though. I thought that all technicians have to have this annually. The medical comprises Respiratory Function, Blood Pressure, weight, height etc.:);)
  16. No, the teachers are really well trained, plus they're locked cupboards.

    And this is the first I have ever heard about a medical, was never mentioned to me by the school, previous senior tech or my doctors.
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    I'm the same but they could mean why sometimes, my chest gets bad ( I am asthmatic too!) Not sure its to do with the fact the school is an old middle school ( Yes, suffolk had three tier schools until like 2013?) I have never really asked
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    Haha! My mum keeps asking me why I have gained weight! Not sure that will work ;)
  19. I think that it has something to do with insurance and the HSE. See
    On a lighter note I'm glad to hear that Teachers are well trained.:)