Getting a dishwasher...!

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  1. Have finally got a dishwasher.. -not yet plumbed in, but sitting in place in my preproom, Not pretty, as integrated type without a front panel, but am easily pleased..
    Question: any must-nots as would ruin it?
    anything I would expect to go in, but would get ruined if I tried?
    Don't want to be gung-ho and spoil it in the first week....
  2. Congratulations!

    I got mine back in Feb I think and it has completely changed my life! Love it!

    I just tend to make sure I rise things out first if they've had any nasty in, I put a plastic coated bar magnet in the bottom (I'm sure someone suggested that on here) to catch rogue iron filings. Apart from that I haven't really got any other advice! Mine is filthy already and even a cleaner didn't shift the stains!
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  3. If you are going to use dishwasher to wash (and dry) slides ask your DT tech (if your school has one) to make you a slide holder that will fit inside your dishwasher.
    Our diswasher has approx 200mm sq area on top of some short prongs that would support a slide holder so our DT tech made me a 190mm sq perspex block of approx 20mm depth with 15 5mm wide x 5mm depth grooves cut in it that takes about 75 slides.
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  4. Me too @clairelucas It is still wrapped in packaging and has been for 4 weeks. Yet to get plumbing and electricity in the vicinity as the prep room was designed by artists rather than scientists! Still excited and hopeful though!
  5. Hi Claire and Leanne.The main things to avoid is washing up liquid (even very small traces will cause problems) and protein solutions - so always give glassware a rinse before placing them in the Dishwasher. If you do get foaming you could be walking in a Prep Room with a foot of foam on the floor. The more expensive Dishwashers will turn themselves off if foaming occurs. Have fun:):D
  6. may try to make one myself..
  7. Paul Murphy

    Paul Murphy COMMITTEE

    We got a plastic slide box and drilled holes in the top and bottom. It worked remarkably well.
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  8. Make a slide holder I mean, not a mess... replies happen quicker than I can type!
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  9. I did once walking in preproom on the form of washing up liquid after DNA extraction and took some time to clear.
    Until dishwasher was washing up liquid free, so many times the main switch was tripped, so I had to walk to a different room, opened the cupboard and switched back on again:(
    However dishwasher saves my time!
    Have fun:)
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  10. I'm on Dish droid 4 in 3 years. We're taking bets on longevity here...heh..
  11. Two more time saving tips/DO's gleaned from other techs, you can wash safety specs in the dishwasher and bunsen burners saves hours of work :D:eek:
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  12. I use test tube holders to wash microscope slides. They have a bottom that is a grid, so the water can pass through, and the holes for test tubes are square, and a slide fits in sideways. I got the tip from another forum, and it has certainly saved a lot of time.
  13. Hi Rock. I've warned people about the strong possibility of foaming especially with this practical. good luck.:);)
  14. It amazes me that management will not provide a proper lab dishwasher but will keep spending on domestic dishwashers that are not fit for the job. When I arrived at my present school the dishwasher (domestic) had just broken, I put in a request for a new dishwasher (laboratory £1500) and explained that it would save money on detergent, electricity, my time (2 min cycle), would clean things better than a domestic one and would last much longer than any of the domestic ones. They listened to my arguments and did provide me with the lab dishwasher. It is still going strong and I have now been at the school for 10 years.
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  15. Hi George. I think you have the wrong person. No foaming related incidents so far. But I have been warned now. I usually rinse before I put stuff in. It's only a domestic dishwasher, and the company warned us not to put lab chemicals in the dishwasher as they would damage it. That said, dishwasher tablets are fairly corrosive.
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  16. I agree with you. In chemistry they are on to their 3rd domestic dishwasher in about 7 years. they could really do with a proper industrial one.
    In biology I have a domestic one that's been here for about 10 years, if not more and I always rinse nasties and try to be careful. On busy days I would hate to be without it. :)
  17. Yes, one of the donts is if you use label stickers in your glassware then it will damage the dishwasher if you wash with it as some of my colleagues like sticking labels.
    What I do is soak in hot water for few minutes before sticking in the dishwasher and it comes off.
  18. Sticky labels are the bane of my life. One of our teachers loves them. She had a stash of her own and did a decomposition of peas experiment. Que 80 test tubes coming back to me with individual labels stuck on, despite markers being provided in the tray of equipment :(.

    When I worked in industry of course we had to label everything, but my trick was to only peel half the backing off, and repeatedly stick and unstick the label to my labcoat a few times so it wasn't as 'sticky'. The label then came off with ease after use.
  19. I know exactly where you're coming from with this one Leanne. Inform her that it will clog the Dishwasher and this will result in practicals being suspended.:D