George's marvellous medicine

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  1. Hi,

    I have been told that we are going to have a cross curriculum event in September, on or around Roald Dahl day. The theme is George's marvellous medicine, and the English department want some teacher demos that mix things together in a similar way to George, as well as student practicals. They want these activities to involve as many as possible of the 5 senses. The students will then use their experiences to help with pieces of writing.

    Brainstorming with the HoD, we are thinking - elephant toothpaste, conc acid and sugar, and possibly methane bubbles or glycerine/potassium permanganate

    Then vinegar/lemon juice with calcium carbonate and UI (for colour changes) and possibly adding some spices, and maybe custard balls?

    Do you have any good thoughts or good ideas for this? It will be for year 7.
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  2. Hi platypus. What about Microscopy of Metal Displacement reactions. Try this;
    Place a piece of thin copper wire on a glass slide then add a drop of Silver Nitrate to the wire observe the 'dendrites' forming under low level magification then higher level magnification.:);)

    Silver dendrites.png
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  3. How about the water to wine to milk to beer demo?
  4. I think the microscopy mightn't be "whizz bang pop-y" enough for the English dept. We've found a experiment which is basically volcanoes with added washing up liquid which looks like it'll fit the remit. Water to wine sounds good too, although I don't know the "to milk to beer" bit so I'll have a read up on that. Thanks for the ideas so far :)
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  5. hydrogen balloons and fog juice. Be careful with the fog juice. I managed to fill this place floor to ceiling with smoke, and some gimboid panicked and slapped the alarm. Walked out, past the deputy head.."what can I say, except "Whoops"."
  6. Fog juice?
  7. Regarding the 5 senses, something that changes colour would cover sight, and the acid and sugar would cover smell. Maybe endo/exo reactions (they could feel the side of the beaker) or making slime to cover touch, and something like cannon fire for hearing. Taste is a difficult one though.
  8. Blindfold and hold their nose, then get them to try identically sized apple and potato chunks
    They struggle to tell the difference as the texture is similar and without the smell the tongue alone will have a hard time differentiating them
  9. Dod


    Bit of Mars Bar or something sickly sweet followed by a Soor Ploom, Acid Drop followed by a sip of Diet Cola.
  10. Water+glycerol on a heat source. Same as used in fog machines.
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  11. Then I think you need to try the Barking Dog demo platypus. However if you do decide to do this make sure the windows are open and encourage your HoD to set the experiment going. Enjoy.:p:p:p
  12. Whoosh bottle has more readily available chemicals.
  13. Blue bottle? Magic wand is also a nice demo
  14. making sherbert would be good for taste.
  15. Thanks everyone, I knew you'd have some fantastic suggestions :D Sherbert would be brilliant!! Need to think through the H&S issues but it would tick a lot of boxes!