Gas tap and electrical socket protection

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  1. I've moved from a school where books were stolen because they couldn't afford them and wanted to revise to a school where the books and everything else is stolen to sell for profit.

    The 'little' tykes won't stop messing with electrical sockets or gas taps, they break them regularly. I've been asked to look at preventative measures, with a nod towards guards around the taps/sockets as the food department have something similar. Has anyone got anything like this or opinions on them?

    Alternatively does anyone have any other solutions?
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  3. Do not use the plug blocker thingies. There is a danger they could snap off a pin and leave the shutters of the socket in the open position.
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  4. Solution one... cut off their fingers, however, this may be a problem as they will then be unable to pick their nose.
    Solution two.... remove all taps (apart from the ones nearest the teacher, plug sockets, give up. We tried the socket 'child proof' covers... which aren't - they got nicked. We now have only two taps working in some labs - the rest of the sinks and taps have been blocked by the caretakers.
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  5. We had acrylic covers for sockets in my last school. DT made them. They basically just sat over the top of the socket so that it was obvious if the cover had been moved.

    I had a colleague who worked in a school where the gas taps and sockets came down from the ceiling when required. I'm afraid I cannot remember what the system is called.
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  6. We had the Broen rep in once who suggested fitting the gas taps etc so they facing are away from the students, so it's harder to stuff thing in them and play with them. Depends what type of benches you have though.
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  7. This might be just the solution. It's amazing how in the one room where the sockets/taps aren't on student benches and they work nicely with no graffiti.

    Thanks everyone!

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