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    Before P1 today I spent 1.5 hrs making gases; hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, chlorine. Carried the jars up to the room (carefully of course). Discovered a cover supervisor taking the lesson:mad:
  2. Then we find out the teacher was absent due to chlorine intoxication...
  3. I'd be absolutely livid! I hope you let whoever is concerned know how frustrating it is when something like this happens, especially with something so hazardous!!
  4. P.S I would not be moving Chlorine around either, can they not swap lessons to a lab with a fume cupboard (assuming you have labs with fume cupboards)? Better to move the teachers and kids about than the chlorine!
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  5. This makes me really cross. The standard for Science teachers should be that they let the technician know if they are going to be absent. Grrr!
  6. If it was a planned absence I'd be livid! Their card would be marked and hoops would need to be gone through before such a lot of work would be undertaken for them again. If it was unplanned, e.g. sickness, it's still annoying but these things happen.

    It's made me think that if a practical like this needs setting up for P1 I'll bring in a "you need to let me know you'll be in before I begin" policy ;).
  7. This really annoys me...our days are busy enough without folk wasting our time. I've lost count of how many practicals which have never been used, or those I've done for the teacher to say 'Oh, I think I've made a mistake... it should have been...'
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  8. Yup. What's sadly funny about all of it is that if a student replies with the same excuses, it's not acceptable and they should be better organized...
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  9. I've started tracking all the nonsense and bringing it up in my link meetings

    They monitor us on how many mistakes we make for our Performance management (they insisted we have a target with a number on it for some reason)
    so if I have to get everything 95% right why should they be any less accountable?
  10. Wow... that's really demotivating. In my school, if teachers are absent for up to 3 days they do not have to fill an absence certificate, but support staff have to even if they're absent for 1/2 day (yup, half a day such as in the event of sudden sickness). I don't mind whichever system as long as it's consistent, but apparently it's fine for teaching staff to not have to justify their absence, yet support staff do. I guess support staff are less trustworthy :mad:
  11. Yeah, it's one rule for them and another for us... I have a hospital appointment and have to fill in an 'absence request' which goes to my HOD, then HR and finally the head, perhaps I should just hire a tannoy and walk up and down the yard to announce it to all and sundry. I'm not even going to be out all day, and my last sick day would have been about six years ago or more... and even then I came back earlier than recommended!
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    Carol Taylor Footsore

    No fume cupboards, actually I lie, a mobile one has been put in a room on another floor. You know what getting teachers to swap rooms is like! One teacher is on a school trip so I did move 2 classes into her room as they were doing a practical involving an urn of hot water and beakers in the IT room, ditto maths room. I wasn't relishing carrying the urn that far to rooms with no sinks.
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  13. No fume cupboards in labs - that must make life difficult for you! We have two labs with them which is great, especially when it comes to teaching A level chemistry! I am also pretty lucky in that my teachers are willing to swap if the need arises although I do my best to avoid it. It's just as well they are willing though as I have so many science lessons that are outside of a lab (and science) - the school is fit to bursting! We are having a new, portable lab in February which should make life a bit easier!
  14. Hi, please can you tell me how you made the Chlorie gas
  15. hcl in a dropping funnel onto permanganate, if it's just for a demo to show a bit of green gas then, some bleach and HCl will make some.

    see RB24 Chlorine gas, and use a fume cupboard.
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  16. Is your school a member of Cleapss? There is guidance there on how to make it! I would not make this on your own if it's the first time either! Always use a fume cupboard
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  17. Thank you, the bleach & HCL worked well :)
  18. Our Chem tech has to bring everything for A level downstairs, ( whatever it is) no lift, every day. Biology teacher has 'claimed' the chem lab next to his prep room & Chem teacher downstairs has been here for donkeys years & simply won't move from her room. Crazy. 3 HoD's, many chem techs etc have tried but she is immovable.
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  19. What a nightmare! Do you have a big turnover of chem techs I wonder? Don't envy your situation!!