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  1. We (and I say 'we' in the loosest sense of the word) have lost a fair few of the keys for the lab gas supplies. There should be two keys per lab but we are down to one key of each type being shared across 4 labs.

    Anyone know if they can be cut at a local place or ordered from somewhere?


  2. Most key cutters are unable to cut certain security type keys as denoted by the code stamped on the key itself
    I've had out gas guard keys cut in the past so don't think these are covered but it might depend on the specific code on your keys

    Failing that your site manager (or whatever local title they've given the guy who fixes stuff at your place) should be able to order some from the manufacturers
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  3. We had gas keys in labs when I started working in my current school I removed them all and only myself and the other technician are allowed to turn the gas on, it is way easier and basically the same issue they kept going missing we have 8 labs and only 2 gas keys now :rolleyes:
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  4. I've used these guys for some more obscure keys before. They stock all sorts so its worth having a look to see if anything matches.
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  5. karen b

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    A local key company might be better than one of the chains. My dad had some random keys cut a while back (maybe for something on his electric bike) and the guy was able to search for a blank that fitted rather than a make of key.
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  6. NTG


    We have 6 labs and two types of GasGuard. With only one of each type of key for the same reasons. Now it's only me that turns on/off the gas. I'd take all 'spare' keys from the labs and keep them in the PrepRoom
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  7. Each science staff member has one key here and myself too.
    If they leave school for good, they need to return it to me before that. Our caretaker got some spares done last year
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  8. Thanks all - I'll try local cutter and the website suggested (once we get the budget in July obvs!).Good to know its not a lost cause
  9. I get the school keepers to deal with all keys, it's their job.
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  10. Timpsons will do it as long as you have a signed and headed letter saying who you are and giving permission.
  11. Dod


    Note to self - - never let teachers have keys! :)
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  12. Tee


    Once you have got them copied... one trick to stop them from going on 'walkabouts' in the future is to attach them to something like this....

  13. Dod


    We did try to get teachers to attach the keys to their room keyring but they still lost them, the reason being that they wanted to lock their rooms but not wanting to switch off the gas.

    Did explain on more than one occasion that gas should be turned off before leaving the room unoccupied but doing it that way was too much of an inconvenience.
  14. karen b

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    Here the techs have gas keys and there is also one in each prep room on a huge block of wood.

    The Lablogger template notes that the gas needs to be turned on. We generally also make a note on our prep room white board that a particular lab has the gas on.
  15. then they will leave them in the lock, each teacher gets one here, and the school keepers issue them.
  16. ah, the 455. Lots here for the gaswatch. Amusingly they also power up our gym. Oh dear, what a shame.:D
  17. Tee


    Nothing wrong with leaving them in the shut off switch... all 14 labs here have them in the switch... all depends how your teachers/ pupils/ school are geared.
  18. then why have the lock?
  19. Tee


    So the gas or bench supply can be locked or unlocked at the teacher's discretion...
  20. you do not need the key to shut it off, the key is to stop it being unlocked.
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