Fun with electrical trunking!

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  1. When I came here in 1999, my predecessor had used trunking to mount switches and bulb holders. We are still using some of them after all this time. Unfortunately, due to vandalism lately, I had to think of another plan. I spent a few days last summer holidays making class sets of these:

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  2. What did you use? Look fab, and more hardy than mine...
  3. Hi Claire, I purchased small ABS boxes from Rapid. I drilled all the holes and bolted the bulb holders in, same with the 4mm sockets. Then soldered the wires inside the box and secured the base with the screws that came with the box.
    The switches were bought as standard light switches, but I drilled holes for the 4mm sockets and soldered inside again. They so far have been vandal proof.
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  4. I plan to make the double pendulum using some trunking and fidget spinners. I bought the fidget spinners cheap from The Works but will have to adapt them as the ones CLEAPSS used were 3-D printed and so the way they fixed the trunking on won't work with commercial fidget spinners. o_O
  5. that looks very professional. I have been looking for the attachments which allow you to use the banana clips in them. I don't even know what they're called - the tings that are kept in by the nut. Can you help? where did you order them from and what are they called?
  6. Crocodile clips? come with a handy screw so easy to attach for the component holder as if made for purpose.. available from most suppliers...
    Incidentally, have just made an ignition tube holder for fractional distillation of crude oil with trunking (holes burnt out with appropriate borer in a fume cupboard) and a block of wood for a base- only due to no budget, as the real thing is cheap as chips if still had a budget....
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    Presume you mean the socket for leads to be plugged into, a la [​IMG]these things.

    Rapid Electronics, RS Components, CPC, and even some of the Preproom suppliers as well.
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  8. FYI they are called 4mm sockets and come in a range of colours