Fun with electrical trunking!

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  1. Having used the flat cover of some PVC electrical trunking to make component holders (for resistors/diodes etc), I have now made model arm joints (as per kerboodle B1 2.5- forces for lifting..) with the remainder 3-sided part of the trunking, glued material for a hinge, and halved Winchester circuit board connectors instead of screw eyes..
    Now if I can just work out how to paste in a photo/diagram without useful wifi at work, I'd be really proud...!
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  2. over the summer we had a room converted into a lab. There was a couple pieces of trunking and a piece of plastic pipe left over which i 'claimed'. So far I have made resistor holders for a required practical and component holders. Still have some trunking left and the pipe.
    IMG_1937.JPG IMG_1939.JPG IMG_1940.JPG IMG_1941.JPG
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    I used metre lengths of trunking stuck to rulers to use a marble runs for the junior (year 7/8) experiments in speed/velocity.

    A previous technician mounted various bulb holders, switches, etc in short lengths of trunking and they seem more robust than the purchased versions
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  4. As always, yours look prettier than mine...!
  5. Now this looks like a good idea for making cheap circuit things from.
  6. I always use electrical trunking for mounting components on, much cheaper than buying ready made. We have class sets of bulb holders, switches, led's, ldr's, etc etc
  7. Do you have any photos of what has been made?
  8. No, but I will take some later and post them on here for you to see
  9. I made some carbon rod holders for electrolysis (I think there's a CLEAPSS guide). I'm also mounting some sbc bulbholders at the moment so we can use 12V bulbs and the students won't keep blowing them.
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    I use white pvc downpipe sliced lengthways then chopped up for component holders as well, works well for items where you want to fit sockets as the depth allows you to fit them in the top.
  11. Thank you :D
  12. I made some component holders like @DHudsonGrange I put out a set of LEDs/resistors in those so I can change them easily if (when) they get broken
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  13. I was lucky enough to get the site supervisor to do the chopping up and drilling- Adding crocodile clips as holders didn't take too long after that..
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  14. Dod


    Ask the Techie Dept Techie to help, interdepartmental co-operation and all that collegiate stuff, I am always willing to help another department out of a hole - usually of their own making due to their lack of forward planning.
  15. I want to see!!!
  16. taken a photo, but wont be able to send until on my computer at home (Wi-Fi useless here...)
    based on this worksheet though..

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  17. Thank you. :)
  18. Howzat!

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  19. Excellent! :)
  20. Just put "trunking" in the CLEAPSS search engine
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