Fun tasks for a technician meet up?

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  1. Hi everybody

    In our school we host the 'academy day' where all staff from all the schools in our academy gather together. They want me to put something on for all the technicians from the other schools.

    I would just like any examples of fun tasks we can do. I would rather we just have a little fun rather than do any serious technician stuff then we can all have a natter afterwards. It's only a 2 hour slot.


  2. Science-y escape room challenge?
  3. Beer, pork pies and pork scratchings.
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  4. It's only a 2-hour slot Emma...oh sorry thought it was teachers attending :p
  5. Personally I'd just like the opportunity to chill out, chat and get to know local technicians without doing anything even vaguely work related.
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  6. If it's the first time you've all met up it could actually be a good time to just chat and trouble shoot without the formalities. More of a setting the ground work for the future than doing something just to generate washing up or a paper trail.
  7. A bitch fest?
  8. Now, now Allan.... as I'm sure you know it's been renamed "Sharing good practice" now......! :D
  9. :eek::eek::eek::eek:
  10. How about a session on how to use lablogger?
    invite a Rep to come in and show off kit - ask others techs what they might like to see?
    ask other techs which kits/practicals they are having trouble with and would like help on?
  11. Nick Mitchener

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    We have a conference each year for local techs, it moves about the schools. We have sessions over about a three hour period. Next one we are doing required practical techniques.
  12. Techitude

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    Maybe put out a few small quick practicals that you think they may not have done, or if you've developed your own techniques. This might give them ideas to take back to their school.