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  1. We have just done fruit batteries, and although it worked well with multimeters, showing increasing pd with series of fruit 'cells', we never managed to light a bulb. I used a 1.5v mes bulb, as it was the smallest we have. What was I doing wrong?
    Idiot questions/answers always appreciated...
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    What voltage were you measuring?
  3. Hi Claire. You're 1.5 bulb will work fine. All you need is more fruit. In the past I've used 6 Lemons to get a decent glow. How much have you used?
    Have you checked whether the bulb is OK? Happy New Year.:);)
  4. Dod


    Need to series a few to overcome resistance of bulb, a multimeter draws negligible current.
  5. With 1-5 fruits we were getting 0.8-2.4v and tried multiple bulbs in case blown...Have now just checked bulb- barely glows on 1.5v battery but bright with 2..
  6. 8 satsumas, 4.3V but only 0.3mA on multimeter.. guess the resistance is a problem. will try afresh with fresh lemons. But not this week..
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    you don't need more fruit though, you can do one lemon with a number of electrodes wired together, red LEDs are relatively easy to light, and if you get the ones with a built in joule thief it will look very successful.
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  8. I think that the Satsuma may be the trouble. The more acidic the fruit the better.:D:D
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  9. 10 Fresh (Premium Sicilian) Lemons in series has the capability of powering 1-or 2 carriages of a Train Set.:D:D:D
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  10. I have to disagree with you Nick- the number of Lemons and the acidity of the Lemons is important. Potato batteries function in a slightly different way-they contain small amounts of Phosphoric acid.:)
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    Feel free to disagree George, but you are wrong, you can make a battery, rather than a cell, with one lemon. I did not say acidity was unimportant, but that you can use a single fruit with multiple electrodes to increase the output.
  12. the electrodes make a difference as well, have seen some books saying two copper ones...o_O
  13. The only problem with multiple electrodes is that power drain occurs more quickly. This is why my Lemons/Potatoes are all wired in series.:)
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    That's a different issue, we aren't usually looking for a long term power supply but something that will be easily made and prove a point.

    I've seen a single lemon used to ignite wire wool.
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  15. I presumed 2 of the same metal would just not do anything.. misprint?
  16. I, however, am looking for a long term power supply to move my 2 carriages of the Train Set.:D:D
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    I think the problem with the mes bulb is that the current will be too low - which is why LED's are a better option (can be full brightness on 200mA) but even so you may need a number of electrode pairs in series to get a decent glow (whether all stuck in the same lemon or different ones I'll leave to you!)