Freezing sodium alginate!

Discussion in 'Supporting Biology' started by Snailo, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Okay, this might seem a bit random, but I have a large volume of sodium alginate solution left over from the science fair we had yesterday. I was wondering if anyone had an opinion about whether this might freeze okay. I know I'll use it (2 litres) by the end of the school year so it seems wasteful to throw it away.

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  2. Don't know about freezing but will keep in the fridge for weeks. I wouldn't be worried about you being wasteful, it sounds to me like it was the member of staff that requested 2l plus is totally out of order. :rolleyes:
  3. I honestly don't know, but you could always freeze an ice cube's worth in a tray/pot then defrost it after the weekend and test it :p keep the rest of the solution in the fridge in the meantime, if the trial sample doesn't work you can just keep it in the fridge and use what you can before it goes off.
  4. Thank you - that is a really good suggestion - will put some in the freeze in a minute!
  5. I was the one who decided how much alginate to make - given we had 300 kids in and it takes an age to mix up I couldn't risk running out! I have no room in my fridge sadly, but strangely lots of freezer space! :)
  6. Dee


  7. Use some of it to make manganese dioxide algal balls 10g to 100cms3 [idea from another tech] these can be washed and re-used [they're on yr 2 of reuse]. Makes it so much easier to recover the manganese dioxide [shouldn't be putting it down the sink!] after using it as a catalyst with Hydrogen peroxide.

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