Free Technician training

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  1. When: 21st Feb - 09:00 to 17:00 (at latest)

    Where: Washington Centre, Sunderland College, Stone Cellar Road, Usworth NE37 2NH

    What: Chance to try any or all of FTIR, HPLC, NMR, PCR, miniGC. Anything else?

    And: Free lunch, North East Lab Supplies rep with freebies, meet George the Science Technician and try to steal his badge.

    Book via: as soon as possible, please.

    Any other enquiries, post in this thread or PM me.
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  2. karen b

    karen b COMMITTEE

    Embarrassingly I misread the academy name :oops:
  3. That just made my day
  4. Now why would a fictions mass murder have an academy named after him?
  5. I don't think she read Riddick.

    If it's any consolation Karen, that's the local name for it. One has to be very careful indeed when one is talking about it.
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  6. Can we interest you Jade @Jade, Richard @Richard Longfield It will be a good opportunity to meet you all. Luke @Luke H it will be a good opportunity for you to revisit Beamish before that annual ticket runs out. Ophelia @Ophelia, you're some distance away but this is an excellent opportunity to visit God's Country.:D:D
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  7. Julie Delaney

    Julie Delaney COMMITTEE

  8. Julie Delaney

    Julie Delaney COMMITTEE

    and where's my personal invite George?? Gutted. :(:confused:
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  9. I would but its the one day i'm off during half term! So as you can imagine I have everything possible booked into that day. Maybe next year if you run it again.
  10. Paul Murphy

    Paul Murphy COMMITTEE

    I'd love to be there but I'll be testing the "water" in Dublin.....:)
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  11. I twould have but
    Does this water begin with W or G Paul?:D:D:D
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  12. Paul Murphy

    Paul Murphy COMMITTEE

    It begins with breakfast then G
  13. Hahahahaha very true
  14. Thanks George, it’s probably a bit too far to come for one day but I appreciate the invite!
  15. Not fair, he invites you but not me and I have further to go :(
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  16. You would have been very welcome Jburns. However I couldn't possibly invite Julie @Julie Delaney as I have to consider the security of my TECHOGNITION Trophy and Badges knowing how much she wants them.:D:D Just kidding Julie!;)
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  17. He knows that I need the training! :D
  18. JB is officially invited. As is everyone else here, before the whinging starts.
  19. Either that or a stiff drink :D

    Yepy, you organise it I will be there :D
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  20. Or both! :D